EDC Gear: TAC5 TCP-9 Tactical Pen

posted on July 19, 2017
Finding high-quality and usable concealed-carry gear isn't hard nowadays, but finding products that provide extra versatility and combine multiple uses into one package is a bit harder. Luckily, the team at TAC5 produced one of the easiest and most versatile multi-use tools found on the market today with the TCP-9 Tactical Pen.

The TAC5 TCP-9 Tactical Pen, on the outside, looks and feels like an average, everyday writing implement. Sure, it definitely has a tactical look, and more astute observers might even notice that it has a pointed cap that might offer some other uses, but the tactical pen has many more hidden features.

The first and most obvious feature is the pointed, bright-metal cap. This glass-breaker tip is made completely from forged tungsten and has the ability to shatter automobile windows with a sturdy tap. This gives users a great emergency tool that ensures their ability to remove themselves from a wrecked vehicle. An additional benefit of the striker is its ability to be used as a pointed striking tool for self-defense, allowing users to attack pressure points in order to stave off an attacker.

At the opposite end of the pen is a hidden flashlight lens, which is embedded into the cap and runs off two small LR936 watch batteries. The case comes with two extra batteries, but more can be ordered easily off Amazon or found at any store that sells electronics. The light operates off a small on/off button that cycles the light between two modes: on and strobe. The total output of the light is 80 lumens, enough to illuminate a small area or a user's immediate space in total darkness, giving them some awareness and identification capabilities.

Unscrew the tungsten-steel glass breaker cap, and users will discover a small, stainless-steel utility blade that measures roughly an inch in overall length. While this isn't a personal-defense tool, it certainly makes for a useful implement for opening boxes, cutting tape or rope and all of the other countless uses for which EDC knives are called into service. Headed into an area where blades aren't allowed? Fear not. The blade is held in with a simple threaded base and can be easily removed.

Finally, of course, the writing implement itself is accessed by unscrewing the flashlight attachment, and the kit comes with a spare ballpoint ink cartridge when the original runs dry. The outer housing of the pen is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a matte-black anodized finish. The housing itself features diamond-pattern texturing to promote improved grip. In addition, a pocket clip is also included to allow for easy pocket carry.

The suggested retail price on the TAC5 TCP-9 Tactical Pen is $56.


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