Dia-Flat Diamond Coated Lapping Plate Improves Performance of Abrasive Stones

posted on April 10, 2012
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Stuck in a rut trying to sharpen your knives with worn or chipped waterstones, oilstones or Arkansas stones? Then the Dia-Flat Diamond Lapping Plate is just what you need. One of the latest innovations from DMT Diamond Machining Technology, the Dia-Flat is the superior choice for flattening any abrasive stone because of its supreme flatness and proprietary Diamond Hardcoat Technology.

Each Dia-Flat is hand certified for flatness less than .0005 in. across its surface and can replace any surface used for flattening other abrasive stones, according to DMT Technical Director Stan Watson. "Our Diamond Hardcoat Technology will outlast any other diamond coated lapping plate on the market. It's also 50 percent larger than other lapping plates and, unlike other diamond lapping plates, there are no restrictions on how coarse a stone it can be used on."

Several testers in the U.S. and Europe have positively reviewed the Dia-Flat. One tester wrote, "I've flattened my Shaptons about 200 times with the stone. So far, I love the thing. It is heavy, at four pounds, and big, at 4 in. x 10 in. The weight and size keep it on the stone and make it easy to hold. The grit cuts fast and leaves a nice surface. And the thing is flat. DMT certifies it as flatter than .0005 in. across its surface. That is way flatter than anyone needs."

Watson says the Dia-Flat is the right solution for anyone who sharpens with a non-diamond stone. "We're very proud of the Diamond Hardcoat Technology. It makes the Dia-Flat the best product on the market."

DMT is recognized worldwide as the leader in diamond sharpening with its diverse product line and reputation for quality and innovation. All DMT products are proudly Made in the USA and built to last with the highest quality materials and workmanship.


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