DeSantis Adds Holsters for Walther Creed Pistol

posted on March 1, 2017
DeSantis Holsters announced the addition of five new holsters to its product line, each one designed to fit the new Walther Creed pistol (which will be reviewed in the April 2017 issue of Shooting Illustrated).

The first new holster from the company is the Thumb Break Scabbard. This holster is designed to ride higher up on the belt and present the Creed at the best possible draw angle. The holster is molded exactly to the contours of the Creed pistol in order to provide friction retention, and the Speed Scabbard also features a thumb break and a tension device for additional security.

The holster fits belts up to 1.75 inches in width and comes with or without suede lining. An additional option is to have a basket-weave finish. Both suede-lined and basket-weave finishes are made to order, so DeSantis asks customers to allow up to four weeks for delivery. The suggested retail price on the Thumb Break Scabbard is $77.99.

The company also provides the Speed Scabbard for Walther pistols, which provides firearm retention through exact contour molding and a tension device. However, the Speed Scabbard does not feature a thumb break. The holster also fits belts up to 1.75 inches wide and retails at a suggested price of $77.99.

DeSantis also offers its Pro-Stealth holster for the Creed, which is made from padded ballistic nylon. The holster features a powder-coated spring clip that fits belts up to 1.75 inches wide designed to anchor the holster to a belt. The clip can be removed and reinstalled on the opposite side of the holster for left-hand carry. The holster also features a spare magazine pouch for semi-auto pistols. An optional thumb-break is available. The suggested retail price on the Pro-Stealth is $38.99.

The company also introduced the Tuck-This II holster for the Walther Creed, which is built from heavily padded ballistic nylon and features an interior lining made from pack cloth. The holster features an adjustable belt tab that can be used in strong-side carry or cross-draw, while also allowing for shirts to be tucked in between the holster and pants. The tab works with belts up to 1.75 inches wide. The suggested retail price on the Tuck-This II holster is $43.99.

Finally, DeSantis added the Sof-Tuck IWB tuckable holster for the Creed pistol. The Sof-Tuck features an adjustable cant and can be worn on the strong side, in a cross-draw position or in the small of the back. The holster is constructed from suede and features reinforcement through the use of saddle leather at the mouth of the holster entrance in order to aid shooters with reholstering. The suggested retail price on the Sof-Tuck is $33.99.


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