Burt Foster "Personal Carry" Everyday Fixed Blade

posted on November 23, 2011

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Burt Foster Laminated "Personal Carry" Everyday Fixed Blade.

Master Bladesmith Burt Foster of Bristol, VA has been impressing collectors for years with his superb fit and finish, clear artistic vision and use of rare and unusual materials in his high-performance hand forged knives. The Personal Carry is a new concept between Wilson Combat and Burt Foster, mastersmith and award-winning knifemaker. Burt has taken his stainless and carbon laminated steel and crafted a limited number of everyday, utility fixed blades from the amazing blade material that only he has the ability to create. In Burt's own words, he explains the Laminated Construction:

"My laminated steel blades are unique in that they have a single piece of carbon steel forge welded between two pieces of stainless steel. This is also referred to in Japanese blades as "san-mai" or literally "three layers." There are basically two main advantages to my laminated steel blades. The first is that at the temperatures used to harden the carbon steel core, the stainless sides remain soft and support the hard center. This makes the knife very sharp at the edge, but very tough overall. The second advantage is that because my laminated steel is made with stainless steel on the outside, the knife blade has the performance of carbon steel and the maintenance of a stainless steel. The carbon steel core is exposed only near the edge, so 90% of the blade surface remains very stain resistant. The exposed carbon steel will darken with age, but this darkening adds to the look of the knife, and gives you a knife which when used, improves with age instead of the other way around. This composite blade construction is probably the most practical high performance blade you can have."

The Personal Carry is a practical, everyday fixed blade with a simply amazing sheath system. Burt has devised a laminated leather/kydex hybrid sheath that retains the benefits of kydex with the cosmetic appeal of alligator leather and hand makes each and handcrafts every one of them. Limited quantities of the Personal Carry will be immediately available in polished black G10, scalloped black/gray G10 and English walnut handles.

Specifications: $375.00 - $395.00
Blade - 420 Stainless with 1095 Core
Blade Length - 3.3"Blade Thickness - .150"
Handle Material - Black G10 (Polished)Black/Gray G10 (Scalloped)English Walnut (Polished)
Handle Length - 4.225"
Overall Length - 7.5"
Hardware - StainlessWeight - 4.1 oz.

Burt Foster has a life long passion for the outdoors and its activities, which has shown him the importance of having a sharp tool. Burt began making knives full-time in 2001 and a few years later he earned the rating of Master Bladesmith in the American Bladesmith Society.



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