Blaser Group Acquires Liemke Thermal Optics

posted on December 22, 2020

Blaser Group, official U.S. importer for iconic German firearms brands Blaser, Mauser and J.P. Sauer, as well as Minox and English gunmaker John Rigby, has acquired Liemke Thermal Optics. The firm, which launched in 2008 and began building its own night vision in 2014, is headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, and has grown to become the dominant thermal imaging brand in that country. Its products have a reputation for performance and are available in a variety of configurations—from handheld models to clip-on units designed specifically for use on guns.

Liemke Thermal Optics are renowned for high-definition images with fast refresh rates for smooth viewing and Blaser Group will soon be making them available to shooters in the U.S. Introductory offerings stateside will include the Merlin, Keiler and Sperber lines. The company’s Merlin thermal imaging devices can be clipped directly onto any daytime riflescope or be used as a monocular, while the Keiler family of products are designed for use as hand-held monoculars. Sperber scopes are multifunctional and can be used as a monocular or mounted as a thermal riflescope.

“We are excited to add this premium brand of well-priced, high-performance thermal optics to our product portfolio,” said Jason Evans, CEO of Blaser Group. “Liemke is at the forefront of technology, delivering the precision and performance of German engineering, making it a top choice for hunting, game detection, and nighttime shooting applications.”

Originally developed for military use, thermal imaging technology detects infrared energy emitted as heat and displays the various temperature differences of everything in view, allowing the observer to detect what would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. All objects emit varying degrees of infrared energy, and through modern imaging technology manufacturers—including Liemke—harness that fact to improve low- or no-light shooting performance.


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