Anderson Manufacturing Ranks Number One

posted on July 30, 2019

Anderson Manufacturing ranked first in the U.S. Miscellaneous Firearms Production listing of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (BATFE) 2017 Annual Firearms Manufacturing & Export Report—the latest data available. The company produced 211,382 that fell into the category that year, more than any other firm.

Anderson Manufacturing is a family-owned business based in Hebron, KY, that was established by William C. Anderson more than 30 years ago. Today his sons, Carl and Charles, serve as president and vice president, respectively.

The business grew steadily after it started manufacturing AR-15 components. Demand for its parts and firearms—100-percent American made with each rifle assembled in its Kentucky plant—is so heavy that the company began an expansion in 2018 that will nearly double the factory’s footprint with upgrades that include state-of-the-art barrel making.

In addition, Anderson Manufacturing implemented an Enterprise Research Planning Software earlier this month that, when fully implemented, will improve customer service. Perhaps more importantly, though, it will tie all aspects of the company’s operation together, providing the kind of digital advantage required to continue its growth in a fast-paced firearm industry. 

The firm’s Anderson Rifle, which harnesses a nano-technology to embed RF85 treatment into the metal, is one of its more popular finished firearms. The end result is billed as the “world’s only no-lube rifle.” The AR-15s come with 16-inch barrels in a variety of configurations and chamberings, and cleanup is a simple soap-and-water affair.

BATFE slightly modified its definitions for the 2017 annual report, a change that moved the bulk of Anderson Manufacturing’s production volume from its historical listing in the rifles and pistols categories—where the numbers have been among the top producers in the last several years. According to the latest guidelines, “Examples of miscellaneous firearms would include pistol grips, starter guns, and firearm frames and receivers.”


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