AirForce Airguns Introduces Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptor

posted on August 16, 2011

Serious airgunning, AirForce style, just got some added fun and flexibility.

The new adaptor was specifically designed by renowned BKL Technologies for the unique AirForce family of air rifles. BKL offers the widest selection and knowledge of 11-14 mm dovetail mounting options in the US. Since the adaptor is for AirForce air rifles and their unique look as the original "black" airguns, the adaptor had to match that look, as do the rest of the accessories offered. BKL succeeded in designing the perfect match for the look, feel and accuracy of the guns.

With the new adaptor, the shooter and dealer can now look to the always widening selection of Picatinny accessories, including a large array of hunting optics, night vision, holo-sights and lights. One of the main issues with dovetail mount guns has been that all of the really interesting new accessories are Picatinny only. AirForce Airgun owners can now add Picatinny accessories to their kit.

Each AirForce rifle carries a standard 3 dovetail mounting rails. This allows one or more to be converted to Picatinny while leaving at least one dovetail rail open for other uses. AirForce is the first serious air rifle to offer multiple mounting surfaces as a standard feature. Two of the standard dovetail rails are on the top and bottom of the frame from the action to the muzzle and the third is on the top of the "handle," at the perfect height for optics.

The suggested retail price for the new adapter is $35.00 and they are now available at your local dealer or online at

AirForce Airguns has been innovating, designing and producing precision pre-charged air guns at their Fort Worth, Texas headquarters for 15 years. AirForce is known for developing the most technologically advanced airgun shooting systems in the world and the original and favorite black airgun. With a reputation for flexibility, legendary accuracy, AirForce Airguns offers a solution for just about any airgun shooting situation. Serious airgunning starts at AirForce.


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