5 Great AR Pistol Upgrades

posted on September 10, 2020

A. Machined from 416 stainless steel and coated in a black-nitride finish, the Mission First Tactical EvolV Brake/Compensator Hybrid boasts a truly innovative design. Two vertical ports redirect gasses to mitigate muzzle climb, while those gasses exiting through the two horizontal ports aid in felt-recoil reduction. Four prongs along the exterior direct the concussive blast and remaining gasses forward and away from the shooter, which is an important consideration for an AR pistol. A mil-spec crush washer is included. It is only available for 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. MSRP: $69.99 missionfirsttactical.com 

B. Available in two configurations, the Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Grip Kit Type 1 is designed to offer improved ergonomics, thanks to interchangeable front and rear straps, which allow users to customize the grip to their hand, much like you’d find on a modern polymer-frame handgun. A textured exterior provides a non-slip grip, while the grip core offers handy storage for the included half-ounce lubricant bottle. All mounting hardware is included. Colors include black, stealth gray, FDE and OD green. MSRP: $35.95; magpul.com

C. Designed to encircle the dominant forearm of a shooter and provide welcome stability throughout all three of its telescoping positions, the SB Tactical SBPDW Pistol Brace features a proprietary buffer tube compatible with mil-spec bolt-carrier groups and carbine buffers/springs. It is a great choice for disabled shooters or anyone who requires a bit more arm support when firing an AR-based handgun. A QD-attachment point is located at the 6-o’clock position of the tube. MSRP: $299.99; sb-tactical.com

D. Offering improved aesthetics and functionality, the Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard provides more room around your AR’s trigger, space that’s welcome for large and/or gloved hands. It also removes the gap between the trigger guard and the pistol grip, creating a more uniform appearance. Avail- able colors include black, blue, FDE, OD, purple, red and silver. MSRP: $17.99; armaspec.com

E. Machined using 3D technology from a solid block of aircraft-grade, 7075-T6 aluminum, the Geissele Automatics Airborne Charging Handle (ACH) features a low-profile design—in keeping with the feel of your AR pistol—that reduces the likelihood of catching on gear and/or environmental obstructions. Shortened levers sport dual contours with concave radius cuts in the vertical and horizontal planes. The surfaces of the levers are checkered for ample purchase. Choose from black and DDC (desert dirt color). MSRP: $89; geissele.com


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