5 Enhancements for Your Pump-Action Shotgun

posted on December 15, 2019

To have a solid, home-defense shotgun on-hand, you don't need to buy something off the rack. In fact, many of today's popular hunting shotguns can be converted readily for home-defense use, thanks to the incredible number of enhancements, add-ons and other accessories available on the market. Here are five great options, but don't think that shotgun upgrades are limited to just these five! Check out other products by each of these companies to see how you can turn your field-ready pump into a heavy hitter for home defense:

Single-point or traditional two-point? With the Blackhawk Multipoint Sling, you can have the best of both worlds. Use both ends in the conventional manner or, if your scattergun has a QD mount, one end can be attached to the gun while the other meets back with the sling webbing to form a single-point sling. A rapid-adjustment slider buckle reduces tension and eases transition from slung to ready position. MSRP: $79.95 blackhawk.com

B. Capable of mounting to Picatinny- or Weaver-style rails, the Crimson Trace CMR-204 Railmaster Pro pairs a compact flashlight capable of an 100-lumen peak output for up to 1 hour, with a built-in 5 milliwatt green laser. The unit is powered by a single CR2 lithium battery and features four operational modes, including: Laser/light constant on, laser constant on, light constant on and laser with light dazzler. MSRP: $339 crimsontrace.com

C. Manufactured from ASTM A36 steel and 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the GG&G Mossberg 930 Flashlight Mount boasts a 1.75-inch MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail that can be positioned facing forward or rearward along with an ambidextrous design for left- or right-handed use. Steel components feature a non-reflective, manganese-phosphate coating, while the alloy parts are Type-III hard-coated. All edges are beveled to avoid abrading skin or gear. MSRP: $30.85 gggaz.com 

D. Compatible with the Remington 870/1100/1187, the Vang Comp VCS Detachable Side Ammunition Carrier features replacement trigger pins that anchor the included aluminum backing plate to your shotgun’s receiver. A hook-and-loop attachment system allows quick and easy installation/removal of the six-round shell carrier. Elastic loops permit brass-up shell orientation for rapid ammunition identification on the go. Deluxe models that include a second carrier are also available. MSRP: $95-$110 vangcomp.com

E. Increase the on-board capacity of your Remington 870 by two rounds with the Wilson Combat Two Shot Tactical Magazine Extension Tube. Other components include an extra-power magazine spring for improved reliability and a high-visibility follower to provide visual reference at a glance when the magazine is empty. There is also a quick-detach stud for affixing a sling. MSRP: $45 wilsoncombat.com


115-grain 9 mm ASP load from Nosler
115-grain 9 mm ASP load from Nosler

New from Nosler: ASP Handgun Ammunition

Nosler has an impeccable reputation for producing quality ammunition and components, but it is most often thought of as a company that manufactures hunting bullets and hunting ammunition. This is understandable—the company was founded on the Nosler Partition bullet.

First Look: SilencerCo Osprey 2.0 Suppressor

An updated edition of a very popular pistol-caliber suppressor.

First Look: Grovtec QS Two Point Sling

Available in four colors with a quick-adjust capability.

Glock Aftermarket Magazine Roundup

There’s more than one way to feed your Glock pistol.

Becoming A Gentleman Warrior

Knowing how to shoot is one thing. Knowing how to stay out of trouble is even better, which is an essential part of being a man-at-arms.

I Carry: Glock G44 Pistol in Dark Star Gear Holster

The .22LR G44 mimics the size of the Glock G19, but it's more than just a substitute for it's 9mm cousin.


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