5.11 Tactical MultiCam TDU Pant

posted on May 13, 2011

A couple of months ago, I was invited on a hog hunt in Texas. As we gun writers are wont to do, I used the hunt as an opportunity to acquire some gear for future articles and because I wanted some new pants. Being the super-smart guy that I am, I thought it would be great to test some clothes and gear in MultiCam, as the Army had just announced it would be phasing out the ACU with digital camo in favor of a new uniform in MultiCam. Armed with that info, I figured I'd not only get some great material for articles, but also look way cooler than anyone else on the hunt. 

The author, third from right, was not the only shooter to wear MultiCam on this Texas hog hunt.

Well, the first part of that figuration was certainly correct, but a bunch of other guys on the hunt showed up in MultiCam, stealing my thunder. That said, those of us in the pattern did, in fact, look much cooler than everyone else, which was nice. 

The pants in question are 5.11 Tactical's MultiCam TDU Pant, made from a polyester/cotton blend and designed with operators in mind. A self-adjusting waistband made concealed carry exceptionally comfortable, not to mention the added luxury for us fat guys even when not armed. What's more, the material was neither abrasive nor so soft as to feel like a leisure suit—the perfect blend for comfort and toughness. Trudging through thorny South Texas brush caused no damage to either the pants or my legs. Better yet, a Teflon finish made sure any liquid, from soda to pigs' offal, did not stain the pants. There's even a double knee, which allows for the insertion of soft kneepad for protection when crawling over rocky terrain. 

Stylish, comfortable and adaptable for any mission, the 5.11 MultiCam TDU Pant also won't stain thanks to a Teflon finish.

With layering, the TDU Pant remains comfortable and will be warm enough for moderately cold weather. In the Texas heat, layers were not necessary and the pants did not cause any discomfort. So, while my wardrobe may not have been as unique as I hoped, I ended up with a pair of pants ideally suited for about any mission. Also, I learned that MultiCam is the new fad for shooters and I am not nearly the visionary I thought I was.


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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