4 Affordable Ammo-Storage Solutions

posted on March 4, 2019

For serious shooters, having a stockpile of ammunition is a must, particularly when great deals on bulk cases of ammunition spring up. However, you'll need a spot to store all those rounds, as well as containers designed to keep out the moisture and protect your rounds until they're fired. Here are a few ways to keep your ammo stashed, either in magazines, boxes or loosely. For storage solutions, big and small, these four options will do it:

Keep your handgun magazines organized and easily accessible with Mag Storage Solutions’ Pistol Mag Holder Single Unit. Dividers along the top tray allow eight to nine single- or double-stack magazines to be oriented vertically, and the user-friendly design helps users to customize ease of magazine removal. Below, the second tray accommodates smaller magazines along with two or three boxes of ammo. Rifle-magazine variants and magnetic mounting kits are also available. MSRP: $49.95 magstoragesolutions.com

B. While it may boast the same volume as a run-of-the-mill .30-caliber ammo can, the Blackhawk Go Box 30 Ammo Bag has much more to offer. The roll-up/down lid allows for quick access and secure transport. Full wraparound carry handles provide uncompromising weight support, while built-in D-rings accommodate the included shoulder strap. There is even an exterior utility pocket for items such as mag loaders and a loop patch to affix labels and name tags. MSRP: $29.99 blackhawk.com

C. Available in pistol and rifle variants, the MTM Case-Gard Ammo Rack introduces a new way of storing the company’s popular ammunition boxes. Each polymer rack contains shelves capable of being adjusted in different configurations and holding up to eight P50-9M boxes (400 rounds of ammo). Racks may be stored flat, stood upright and/or four holes molded into the back allow it to be secured on a wall—all of which maximize precious real estate in your gun safe. MSRP: $18.49 mtmcase-gard.com

D. The MidwayUSA Military Surplus Ammo Can 50 Caliber offers a handy and practical means of storing and transporting your ammunition. The can features robust, mil-spec steel construction, a lay-flat handle for easy stacking, a removable lid with a secure latch and a rubber gasket for a watertight seal, safeguarding contents from the elements. Best of all, there are three grades available, making it easy to select the right can for your budget as well as your needs. MSRP: $9.99-19.99 midwayusa.com


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