2022 Holiday Gift Guide

posted on November 7, 2022
2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow firearm fan? Maybe you’d like to gently suggest a gift idea for yourself? We’ve got you covered, whether your budget jiggles, folds or involves a call to your Swiss banker. One of the following products will be the perfect choice this holiday season.

Gifts from $9 to $30

Gifts from $9 to $30

| Desperate Enterprises S&W Revolvers Tin Sign
Add a little bit of rustic charm to your home with this tin sign detailing some classic wheelguns from one of America’s best-known revolver manufacturers. desperate.com; $13.95

2 | Magpul DAKA Takeout 
Who couldn’t use a nigh invulnerable bag to store pretty much whatever you want in? Magpul’s DAKA Takeout bag is perfect for use as a medical bag, to carry range supplies or for travel gear—and more. With 3.5 liters of storage space, the Takeout can also be attached to other packs for even more utility. magpul.com; $29.95

3 | NRA Store Christmas Tree Ornament
Trim your tree this season with 2A support as well as holiday spirit with the official 2022 NRA Christmas Tree ornament. nrastore.com; $24.95

4 | Primary Weapons Systems Bottle Opener KeyChain
Keep your keys organized and keep a tactical beverage-entry tool handy with this key chain that’s shaped like PWS’ MOD 2-M Diablo carbine. primaryweapons.com; $9.95

5 | Elastic Precision Model PPK Rubber Band Gun
Gun. Rubber-band Gun. Role-playing as 007 has never been easier than with the Elastic Precision Model PPK rubber-band gun. Firing up to five bands (semi-auto, it’s one band per trigger pull), those “friendly” inter-office competitions can now include spycraft. elasticprecision.com; $24.99

6 | Alien Gear Gun Mat Second Amendment Shape Shift
Don’t run the risk of spilling cleaning chemicals on the kitchen table. Use an Alien Gear gun mat to protect your table, with a non-slip back to hold it in place and a raised edge to keep small parts from rolling away. aliengearholsters.com; $15.88

7 | Buck Knives Diamond Pocket Knife Sharpener
Dull knives are a drag, and discoveringthat your knife has lost that razor’s edge when out and about is even worse. Buck’s Diamond Pocket Knife Sharpener gives you the ability to sharpen any blade in a package the size of a pen. buckknives.com; $13.99

8 | Hoppes No. 9 Air Freshener 3-Pack
Who doesn’t love the smell of Hoppes No. 9? Now you can have that distinctive scent anywhere you want with this three-pack of hanging air fresheners infused with the smell of firearm cleanliness. hoppes.com; $11.45

9 | Mission First Tactical 16-Ounce Flip-Top Bottle
Staying hydrated, whether on the range or while on the go, is quite important. Do it with some style with this stainless steel flip-top water bottle that looks like (but isn’t) a smoke grenade. missionfirsttactical.com; $24.95

10 | Eagle Fist Coffee of the Brave
Add some patriotic pep to your mornings from the folks who brought us Clinger Holsters. This whole-bean, medium-roast delivers a smooth flavor with just the right amount of boldness. eaglefist.com; $15.99

Gifts $34 to $50

Gifts $34 to $50
| CMMG Mk47 Hawaiian Shirt
There’s being seen, and then there’s being seen. CMMG’s Mk47 Hawaiian shirt looks like it walked out of a Parrothead community—populated by firearm enthusiasts. Whether as a cover garment or just as a standout casual shirt, show your 2A support … discreetly. cmmg.com; $39.99

2 | National Rifle Association Annual Membership
Membership comes with a slew of benefits, including a membership card, a choice of monthly magazine (Shooting Illustrated, naturally) and the knowledge you’re fighting to protect your Second Amendment rights. membership.nra.org; $45

3 | Fisher Space Pen Trekker
Durable, ergonomic and there when you need it, the Trekker uses a pressurized ink supply so it’s ready to write no matter what position you’re in. It can attach anywhere you hang a carabiner and is a favorite of first responders. spacepen.com; $48

4 | CMC Products Railed Power Mag
Dual-walled feed rails are built twice as strong as traditional 1911 magazines to eliminate malfunctions attributed to bent, thin or warped feed lips and provide the smoothest-possible feeding surface. cmproducts.com; $39.95

5 | SneakyPete Second Amendment Phone Case
Show your support for the right to keep and bear arms every time you answer your cell phone with this nylon case. A belt loop keeps your phone close, and fits are available for most current and past smartphones. sneakypeteholsters.com; $36.95

6 | Brass Goat AR Brass Catcher
Here’s a treat for the handloader on your list. Brass Goat’s AR Brass catcher snaps over the ejection port of most AR-15-style rifles to capture the spent brass without causing malfunctions. brassgoat.com; $39.99

7 | Full Forge Gear Storm Range Bag
Made from durable 600-denier fabric, these bags are built to withstand hauling guns and ammunition. Features include a wide-mouth opening to minimize rummaging and lots of accessory pouches and internal pockets. fullforgegear.com; $34.95

8 | True TI Pocket Multi-Tool
Having the right tool on your person is easy with the True TI Pocket Multi-Tool. Pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, bottle- and can-openers, a saw blade and a standard knife blade are all available, with most tools locking in place with a stout lever. true.acgbrands.com; $49.99 

9 | GoatGuns Mini AR-15 - Black
If the firearm enthusiast on your list also likes modeling, the GoatGuns Mini AR-15 is just the thing. With an included base, removable magazine and three (inert) rounds, the 1/3-scale AR-15 looks just like a miniaturized version of the one in your safe. goatguns.com; $39.99

Gifts $55 to $100

Gifts $55 to $100

| Bone-Dri Rust Prevention Shotgun & Rifle Case
Other than politicians, rust is a firearm’s biggest enemy. Putting a gun away wet allows rust to impede operation, ruin finishes and cause damage. Bone-Dri’s case uses Absorbits moisture-wicking technology to dry your long gun before rust can set in. bone-dri.com; $99.99

2 | Hornady Security Alpha Elite Lock Box
With features ranging from its 16-gauge steel housing with pry-resistant security band and barrel-key lock, to its patent-pending dual-crossbar latch mechanism, the Alpha Elite provides security for your bedside handgun. hornadysecurity.com; $57.99

3 | Remington UMC Retro Ammo Box
This retro-styled ammunition box is perfect for adding a touch of antique charm to almost any room in your home, and you can actually put ammunition in it, among other things. remington.com; $59.99    

4 | XS Sights Armorer’s Block for AR Platforms Gen 2
Have a bench-mounted vice? Then all you’ll need to work on the upper and lower receivers of your AR-platform firearm is this armorer’s block from XS Sights. The American-made tool is crafted from 6061 T6 aluminum and works on AR-15/M4, AR-10, SR-25 or DMPS GII guns. xssights.com; $83

5 | Real Avid Sight Pusher for Glock
Customize your pistol to your liking while protecting your sights and your gun with this easy-to-use tool for swapping sights on a Glock handgun. realavid.com; $99.99

6 | Infinity X1 Hybrid Power Flashlight 5000 Lumen
Offering 5,000 lumens, two power options, 200 meters of beam throw and up to five hours of run time, the Infinity X1 flashlight is loaded. There are three power settings, an internal rechargeable battery and nine AA batteries are included. infinityx1.com; $89

7 | Silencer Central Devour Cover 
Minimize heat distortion in your optic and protect yourself from accidental injuries with one of these rugged suppressor covers from the easiest place to purchase a can. silencercentral.com; $69.99 

8 | The Bradford Exchange
Home of The Brave Hoodie with Patriotic Eagle Art With a flag patch on the front and a back emblazoned with an eagle and the words “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave,” this hoodie couldn’t get more patriotic. Still, it’s warm enough to keep from reminding you of Valley Forge. Comfort, style and pride, all in one garment. bradfordexchange.com; $99.95

9 | Badlands Gear Switch Pack
Outdoor enthusiast on your list? The Switch Pack offers Badlands’ SWAP system, which allows additional packs and bags to be attached to the pack with an easy-to-use, grid-like setup. A laptop sleeve, abrasion-resistant mesh and waterproofing add to the pack’s utility. badlandsgear.com; $99.99

Gifts $105 to $170

Gifts $105 to $170

| Cold Steel 1911 Pistol Grip Sword Cane
This innocent-looking walking stick conceals a 19-inch, stainless steel blade inside its aluminum shaft, while the handle not only looks a 1911 grip frame, it can also accept many aftermarket 1911 grips. coldsteel.com; $109.99

2 | Leupold Bridger Sunglasses
Scratch-resistant, polarized ballistic lenses protect your eyes against the sun and debris, while a new frame design ensures you’ll look cool at the range or the beach. leupold.com; $159.99

3 | Camp Chef Portable BBQ Grill
Whether tailgating or cooking up burgers after a long day at the range, the Camp Chef Portable BBQ grill provides big-grill power in a take-anywhere size. Running on standard disposable propane tanks, it offers more than 200 square inches of cooking space and weighs 22 pounds. campchef.com; $149.99

Lightweight, durable and breathable, the TACRIG is a modular holster system with a base to which can be attached different gun shells for maximum versatility. It can be set up as either an OWB rig or an IWB rig for most any carry gun (with additional shells). tacrig.com; $169.99 

5 | Wilson Combat Omni H Tactical Scope Mount 30 mm
Machined from aluminum billet and built to handle the toughest recoil and abuse, this one-piece scope mount is among the best ways to connect a scope to your modern sporting rifle. wilsoncombat.com; $134.95

6 | WorkSharp Professional Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Keep kitchen knives, scissors and serrated steak knives in perfect working order with this easy-to-use, powered sharpener. worksharptools.com; $169.95

7 | Dark Energy Poseidon Pro
Submersible, armored and just tough to kill, the Poseidon Pro battery charger is so durable it is used by the U.S. Army. It’s capable of retaining 75 to 80 percent of its power for more than 3 years. Furthermore, it can charge small devices multiple times, and also power larger devices like tablets or laptops. darkenergy.com; $119.99

8 | Ontario Knife Company Ti 22 Equinox
Perfect for everyday carry, a bronze-colored, titanium handle conceals a S35VN, 3-inch blade in this ultra-lightweight folding knife that tips the scales at a mere 2.4 ounces. ontarioknife.com; $137.95

Gifts $180 and Up

Gifts $180 and Up

| RTS Tactical Bulletproof Memory Foam Pillow
Offering Level IIIA bullet protection, the RTS Tactical memory foam pillow adds yet another layer to your home-defense strategy. With a 13x20-inch ballistic plate on the inside and a bamboo pillowcase on the outside, sleeping well now includes peace of mind as well as comfort. rtstactical.com; $399.99

2 | Oryx Chassis Sportsman Rifle Chassis
Customize your long-range precision rifle with AR-15 grips, M-Lok attachment points, adjustable length-of-pull and Arca rails, along with the ease of a detachable magazine. Oryx Chassis’ Sportsman is available for a wide variety of bolt-action rifles and the Ruger 10/22. oryxchassis.com; $429.95

3 | Fix-It Sticks Field Tool Kit for Glock
Everything you need to clean or repair your handgun fits in a compact case. Included in the kit are a ratcheting “T” handle, mini-torque driver, cleaning tools and driver bits. store.fixitsticks.com; $184

4 | Springfield Armory XD OSP Slide Assembly
Own an older XD and wish you could add red-dot capability? With Springfield Armory’s new OSP slide assembly, it’s as easy as field-stripping your pistol to add a red-dot-ready slide. One plate for the RMSc footprint is included, and other plates for different optics are available separately. springfield-armory.com; $270

5 | Axil GS Extreme 2.0
Boasting better than double the audio quality of its predecessor, the GS Extreme 2.0 offers the convenience of earbuds with Bluetooth compatibility and 29 dB of noise-reduction technology in a compact package that fits in any range bag. goaxil.com; $199.99

6 | Rise Armament Iconic Trigger
In response to the clamor for a two-stage version of Rise’s lauded triggers, the Iconic is now here. It’s smooth, crisp and predictable, with an easy first stage that brings you to a low wall before cleanly breaking. risearmament.com; $299.99

7 | Mantis Blackbeard Auto-Resetting AR-15 Trigger
Give the gift of dry-practice this holiday! Mantis’ drop-in trigger allows repeated dry firing without needing to cycle the action each time, yielding more practice time for the AR enthusiast on your list. mantisx.com; $219 

8 | Recover Tactical P-IX
The P-IX clamshell helps improve your long-range accuracy and lets you take your Glock pistol to another level of cool. With simple, drop-in installation, anyone can transform their trusty sidearm. recovertactical.com; $199

9 | Exothermic Technologies PulseFire UBF
There is nothing to say about this incredible product apart from the fact that it is a flamethrower that mounts to a Picatinny rail. A real-life, honest-to-goodness flamethrower. And yes, it is perfectly legal in most jurisdictions. A flamethrower. That you can own. exothermic.tech; $689.99


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