2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts from $9 to $30

Want to trigger a smile on the face of a loved one this holiday season? We got you covered.

posted on October 26, 2022
Gifts from $9 to $30

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow firearm fan? Maybe you’d like to gently suggest a gift idea for yourself? We’ve got you covered, whether your budget jiggles, folds or involves a call to your Swiss banker. One of the following products will be the perfect choice this holiday season.

1 | Desperate Enterprises S&W Revolvers Tin Sign
Add a little bit of rustic charm to your home with this tin sign detailing some classic wheelguns from one of America’s best-known revolver manufacturers. desperate.com; $13.95

2 | Magpul DAKA Takeout 
Who couldn’t use a nigh invulnerable bag to store pretty much whatever you want in? Magpul’s DAKA Takeout bag is perfect for use as a medical bag, to carry range supplies or for travel gear—and more. With 3.5 liters of storage space, the Takeout can also be attached to other packs for even more utility. magpul.com; $29.95

3 | NRA Store Christmas Tree Ornament
Trim your tree this season with 2A support as well as holiday spirit with the official 2022 NRA Christmas Tree ornament. nrastore.com; $24.95

4 | Primary Weapons Systems Bottle Opener KeyChain
Keep your keys organized and keep a tactical beverage-entry tool handy with this key chain that’s shaped like PWS’ MOD 2-M Diablo carbine. primaryweapons.com; $9.95

5 | Elastic Precision Model PPK Rubber Band Gun
Gun. Rubber-band Gun. Role-playing as 007 has never been easier than with the Elastic Precision Model PPK rubber-band gun. Firing up to five bands (semi-auto, it’s one band per trigger pull), those “friendly” inter-office competitions can now include spycraft. elasticprecision.com; $24.99

6 | Alien Gear Gun Mat Second Amendment Shape Shift
Don’t run the risk of spilling cleaning chemicals on the kitchen table. Use an Alien Gear gun mat to protect your table, with a non-slip back to hold it in place and a raised edge to keep small parts from rolling away. aliengearholsters.com; $15.88

7 | Buck Knives Diamond Pocket Knife Sharpener
Dull knives are a drag, and discoveringthat your knife has lost that razor’s edge when out and about is even worse. Buck’s Diamond Pocket Knife Sharpener gives you the ability to sharpen any blade in a package the size of a pen. buckknives.com; $13.99

8 | Hoppes No. 9 Air Freshener 3-Pack
Who doesn’t love the smell of Hoppes No. 9? Now you can have that distinctive scent anywhere you want with this three-pack of hanging air fresheners infused with the smell of firearm cleanliness. hoppes.com; $11.45

9 | Mission First Tactical 16-Ounce Flip-Top Bottle
Staying hydrated, whether on the range or while on the go, is quite important. Do it with some style with this stainless steel flip-top water bottle that looks like (but isn’t) a smoke grenade. missionfirsttactical.com; $24.95

10 | Eagle Fist Coffee of the Brave
Add some patriotic pep to your mornings from the folks who brought us Clinger Holsters. This whole-bean, medium-roast delivers a smooth flavor with just the right amount of boldness. eaglefist.com; $15.99


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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