2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen

posted on November 20, 2021
2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen

1 | Cold Steel Kitchen Set
This handsome 12-knife set from the legendary knifemaker includes six of the company’s steak knives, a bread knife, a boning knife, the company’s Chef’s knife, a paring knife, a slicer knife and a utility knife, all in a lovely, wood presentation block. $269.99; coldsteel.com

2 | CMMG Select Fire Coffee
Add some Second Amendment-supporting pep to your step with coffee from one of the top AR-15 makers. Roasted in Missouri, Select Fire Coffee is available in Safe (light roast), Semi-Auto (medium) and Full-Auto (dark) and as whole beans or ground, both in 12-ounce packages. $12.95; cmmg.com

3 | LaRue Tactical Dillo Dust
Put some kick in your meats with this all-natural seasoning rub. It’s gluten-free and has no MSG, no artificial colors and no added preservatives, so you can tell yourself that ribeye is health food. Dillo Dust is great for red meat, pork, chicken, shrimp and even vegetables, adding tons of flavor to any food. $19.99; dillodust.com

4 | Lansky Sharpeners Master’s Edge Sharpener
Keep your kitchen and utility knives sharp with this versatile tool. It includes medium- and fine-grit rods, along with a ceramic rod for sharpening serrated blades. A non-slip base with three angle options makes keeping a blade finely honed a cinch, and the whole package folds away for storage. $59.99; lansky.com

5 | BenShot Whiskey Decanter and Rocks Glass Set
Add some class to your wet bar with this glass decanter sporting a Lehigh Defense, lead-free .50-caliber bullet embedded in its side. The rocks glasses sport similar .308-caliber bullets. Everything from the projectiles to the glass products themselves is made in the U.S. and provides superior flair to your fine adult beverage-serving style. $69.99; benshot.com

6 | Premier Body Armor Bulletproof Coffee Sleeve
Keep your hands safe from the heat of a coffee cup, and keep your coffee super safe with this NIJ Level II ballistic panel coffee sleeve. An outer shell of 500D Cordura provides durability, while the actual ballistic-protection inside is effective against most handgun rounds. You might leak, but your coffee cup will remain hole-free. $29.95; premierbodyarmor.com

7 | Frag Out Flavor Tactical Apron
Show off your readiness whilst grilling with this MOLLE-festooned apron. It comes with two pouches that fit the company’s seasoning bottles, along with two additional large pouches for other barbecuing needs. The pouches can be moved anywhere on the apron, which also features three large pockets toward the bottom. $69.99; fragoutflavor.com

8 | Ontario Knife Company Old Hickory Cleaver
A must-have kitchen tool for anyone who cooks meat or poultry, this cleaver features a hardwood handle and a 1095 carbon-steel blade that retains its edge better than stainless steel. Handwashing, drying and a light coat of vegetable oil are recommended to prevent rust. $29.07; ontarioknife.com


Gemtech new products
Gemtech new products

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