2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop/Range

posted on November 18, 2021
2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop/Range

1 | Arms Preservation Inc. Pistol Storage Bag
Available for handguns or long guns, these bags meet short- or long-term storage needs for your guns, while keeping them clean and rust-free. The tear-resistant material is grease/oil-free, is safe for optics and leaves no residue behind. $9.59; apigunbag.com

2 | AXIL GS Extreme
AXIL GS Extreme offers the convenience of earbuds with Bluetooth compatibility and 29 dB of noise-reduction technology in a different type of electronic ear protection. Switch between 6X hearing enhancement and 5.0 Bluetooth audio or use both simultaneously for a unique range experience. $199; goaxil.com

3 | Fix It Sticks Compact Pistol Kit
This toolkit will keep your pistol running in peak condition while taking up minimal space in your range bag. Contents include a T-handle ratchet with specialty bits, a torque driver, two punches, a 1911 bushing wrench and a Glock sight tool, among others. $180; fixitsticks.com

4 | Clamtainer Ammo Buddy 9mm 50CT Ammo Box
Each Ammo Buddy features 50 individual cavities capable of orienting 9 mm (or .380 ACP) rounds primer up or primer down. Clear polymer construction allows easy verification of caliber and contents. Its patented Click-It Closure offers hassle-free, one-handed access. Ammo not included. $9.95 (five pack); clamtainer.com

5 | Spartan Precision Equipment Javelin Lite Bipod
Available in three lengths, this bipod weighs less than 5 ounces thanks to its aluminum construction and carbon-fiber legs. Interchangeable leg options and adjustable cant offer enhanced adaptability, while its magnetic attachment system makes swapping between rifles quick and easy. $145; javelinbipod.com

6 | Lyman Products The Essential Gun Maintenance Mat
The firm, synthetic-rubber surface of this mat allows you to safeguard your handgun’s finish and workbench simultaneously. Molded-in storage compartments contain any spills while keeping small parts and tools organized and preventing them from rolling into oblivion during periodic cleaning/maintenance sessions. $16.98; lymanproducts.com

7 | Secure Firearm Products Firearm Pin Removal Tool
In addition to sporting cutouts for Commander- and Government-size 1911 bushings, this small, but versatile tool does more. Dovetails along two of its edges aid users in the installation/removal of a 1911’s firing-pin stop. Subsequent dovetails are designed for use with different types of sights and are marked accordingly. $10.99; securefirearmproducts.com

8 | LA Police Gear Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag
Constructed from 600 Denier nylon, this bag features a main compartment large enough accommodate all variants of iPad, laptops and tablets of similar size. High-quality zippers are used throughout and there’s even a hidden pocket for a full-size handgun. $29.99; lapolicegear.com

9 | Zeiss Optics Care Kit
Keep your scope’s lenses clean with this convenient kit. The 2-ounce bottle of cleaning fluid cleans and removes dirt from lens surfaces without damaging anti-reflective, polarizing or other coatings. The included microfiber cloth is specifically designed for lenses and works wet or dry. $4.99; zeiss.com

10 | Wheeler Engineering Fat Wrench
Adjustable from 10- to 65-in.-lbs. of adjustment, this wrench ensures every screw on your rifle is properly torqued for maximum accuracy/performance. The included bits are constructed from S2 tool steel for added durability. $59.95; wheelertools.com


RCBS Chargemaster Supreme
RCBS Chargemaster Supreme

High-Tech Handloading

I now keep all my ammunition-creation data on a computer. Sure, I’ll make notes when working up a new load or tweaking an existing one, but ultimately my data is stored digitally. Since my loading room is only steps from my computer, the transition from written to digital data has been easy for me. Now that I’m using the handloading app from RCBS, it’s even easier, and it also makes recreating my favorite loads when I’m at the loading bench more convenient.

First Look: 1791 Gunleather Holsters for S&W CSX Pistols

New holsters for the nifty little pistol from Smith & Wesson.

First Look: XS Night Sights for SA XD OSP and Tisas PX-9

Two new front and rear sight sets featuring some of XS Sights most popular designs.

Concealed-Carry Contemplations

You took a concealed-carry class from a well-known instructor who visited your local range recently. You learned a lot—especially that there was a lot yet to learn—over the two days of the course.

What We Plan For

Sheriff Jim reminds us that wishing and hopeful thinking should not be part of your self-defense plan.

First Look: GiantMouse ACE Nazca Knives

A folding knife with south of the border style.


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