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First Look: Liberator HP 2.0 Advanced Hearing Protection Headset

First Look: Liberator HP 2.0 Advanced Hearing Protection Headset

Safariland is releasing a new model of their Liberator HP 2.0 Advanced Hearing Protection Headset. Liberator HP systems compress and reduce hazardous sound to safe levels inside the headset without muting other ambient sounds or audio.

“The new Liberator HP headset is the clear choice for hearing protection in environments with impulse/gunfire noise and high-decibel, constant background audio,” stated James Imhoff, VP & GM of Diversified Products at Safariland. “Safariland has built a headset that delivers unparalleled capabilities, performance and comfort. The Liberator HPs combat distracting sound with active noise cancelation while simultaneously enhancing atmospheric sounds that are crucial for effective communication and situational awareness.”

Safariland’s Liberator HP includes active noise cancelation while still simultaneously providing a full spectrum of environmental sounds. The multi-mode dual processor also protects against steady state noise. With up to 29 dBa of attenuation, the headset compresses harmful sound levels to approximately 82 dBa.

Liberator HP headsets provide 360 degrees of ambient sound reproduction for accurate environmental sound replication, threat identification and threat localization. In speech isolation mode, end users can easily communicate face to face without the need for an intercom. Liberator HP headsets support operator concentration, safety, mission completion and help prevent user fatigue. The ability to maintain peripheral hearing and amplify potential danger signs and audio clues from the environment are unique features of Liberator HP systems and necessary for tactical missions.


  • First of its kind, multi-mode adjustability providing Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and both simultaneously
  • Digital Threat Compression Technology, Advanced Digital Processor, and Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement
  • 160 to 300 Hour Run Time
  • Firmware Updateable Electronics
  • Black with red buttons (TAN499 Earcup and OD Green with black buttons also available)
  • Dual Fuel Battery Compartment (either two AAA batteries or one CR123 battery)
  • Adaptive Headset Suspension, easily adjustable to be worn Over-The-Head, Behind-The-Head or Rail-Mounted

MSRP for Safariland’s Liberator HP Hearing Protection headset starts at $299.99, and more information on this product and other gear from Safariland is available at Safariland.com


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