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First Look: ETS Polymer Magazines

First Look: ETS Polymer Magazines

When it comes to semi-automatic handguns—regardless of how well made and/or reliable they are according to their marketing literature—the heart of a handguns reliability is only as good as its magazines. While great magazines won't help a marginal semi-automatic firearm perform better, subpar magazines can make even the most reliable firearm function poorly. For semi-automatic firearms having problems, the feeding system is the first place to look for trouble and is the easiest to troubleshoot.

For those looking to supplement their OEM Glock magazines with aftermarket models, consider those produced by Elite Tactical Systems (ETS). One glance is all you’ll need to see an immediate benefit over OEM models. Rather than utilizing a body constructed with a standard opaque-colored polymer body, ETS magazine bodies are made using an innovative impact-resistant, translucent polymer. (It’s also resistant to heat, cold and ultraviolet rays.) This allows users to identify the type of ammo on hand and pistol readiness on the fly—much quicker than relying on the diminutive size of witness holes commonly present in traditionally constructed magazines. Such a feature could be essential for a pistol intended for personal protection.

These magazines offer even further versatility in that they are compatible with Gen1 through Gen5 pistols, and the floor plates—which despite being ergonomically designed to be easy to grab—they are compatible with most aftermarket Glock floor plates for those who wish further customization to meet their needs. Best of all, ETS magazines are backed by a lifetime warranty. Prices start at $16.99; etsgroup.us.

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