High Speed Gear Elastic Pouch

First Look: High Speed Gear EP Series Elastic Magazine Pouch

A versatile pouch that works with almost any magazine.

Reload Roulette Drill

Reload Roulette is a drill designed to master the slide-lock reload while eliminating the shooter’s natural anticipation of when the gun will run dry. For those who count their shots and know their total-round count, gaming the reload enables stellar performances on the shot timer.

First Look: Mission First Tactical Beskar Extreme Duty Magazine

A more elegant way to reload your blaster, from a more civilized age.

First Look: ETS Carbon Smoke Magazine

Because knowing how many rounds are in a magazine shouldn't be a guessing game.

First Look: Extar Glock Magazine

A new, high-strength option for your Glock 9mm pistol.

Glock Aftermarket Magazine Roundup

There’s more than one way to feed your Glock pistol.

First Look: Ed Brown M&P Shield Magazine

Rugged and reliable magazines for your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

Springfield Armory M1A Upgrades

The following products will grace one of America’s classic battle rifles with some welcome refinements.

How is a Firearm Magazine is Designed and Tested?

This critical component of your semi-automatic firearm system is one of the most overlooked.

First Look: Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Polymer Magazine

Mission First Tactical introducing the MFT Extreme Duty Polymer Magazine for the 7.62 NATO round, available in a 10-round option.

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