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First Look: Safariland Impulse Range Kit

First Look: Safariland Impulse Range Kit

Safariland makes a variety of firearms-related products for military, professional and outdoor markets. The company is now expanding its line of safety gear for the range with the new Impulse Range Kit, which provides adaptable, complete protection by combining its Foam Impulse Hearing Protection, Ultra Compact Earmuffs and HD Flex Protective Eyewear into one convenient package. 

“The Impulse Range Kit has quickly become one of my favorite shooting accessories. Whether I’m at an indoor or outdoor range, the two layers of hearing protection and the wrap-around eyewear keep me well protected.” Pro Shooter, Rob Leatham said. “And the filter technology in the Foam Impulse earbuds shields me from harmful sounds while allowing me to clearly hear my buddies talking to me while we’re out on the range.”

Safariland’s new Impulse Range Kit brings together two proven methods of hearing protection. The new Foam Impulse earbuds reduce sound levels by up to 38 decibels and provide 13 decibles of continuous sound reduction. The Impulse filter technology in each foam earbud cuts dangerous noise levels while still allowing speech and audio to be heard clearly.

For indoor ranges or areas where noise levels are more persistent, the Ultra Compact Earmuffs will provide 20 decibels of constant protection and can be comfortably worn over the Impulse Foam earbuds.

The Impulse Range Kit also provides protection for eyes by including Safariland’s HD Flex Protective Eyewear, which feature lenses made of fog-proof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The wrap-around lens design offers multi-directional protection and the rubber nose bridge and adjustable earpieces allow for a secure and comfortable fit.

Safariland Impulse Range Kit Features 

Foam Impulse Hearing Protection

  • Instantly reduces dangerous sound levels while still allowing speech and audio to be heard
  • Wear at all times to protect from surrounding gun fire, even when not shooting

Ultra Compact Earmuffs

  • Use as second layer of protection over Impulse Hearing Protection, especially indoors
  • Compact fold for easy storage

HD Flex Protective Eyewear

  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant, HD polycarbonate lenses
  • Adjustable temple angle and length 

MSRP for Safariland’s new Impulse Range Kit is $39.99, and more information on this product as well as other items from safariland is available at safariland.com.

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