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New for 2020: Charles Daly N4S

New for 2020: Charles Daly N4S

If you’re interested in a removable-magazine-fed, semi-automatic shotgun that you can fit in a backpack for easy transport, Charles Daly’s N4S is the one; its bullpup design puts it at a mere 29 inches overall—and does so with a 19-inch barrel so you’re not going to lose anything in terms of velocity. That's the best of both worlds! It’s chambered for 3-inch mags that can be aimed with the included flip-up sights or an optic mounted on the full-length picatinny rail. A foreward rail provides space for lights and lasers.

The machined aluminum receiver and barrel shroud is well done, and I like its stubby little handguard/fore-end that features a flared end to help keep control of the gun from rising during recoil if you wrap your arm around it and pull down. Also helping with recoil is perhaps the guns only negative: It is beefy at just over 9 pounds, but at least this weight is distributed to the rear so it doesn’t feel as heavy as it actually is. Finally, it features Benelli-style choke tubes and comes with a 5-round mag. I’m hoping larger mags will become available, but the five-rounder is handy and relatively unobtrusive. 

While there are several bullpup shotguns on the market now, the N4S is one of the least expensive; it should be perfect for home defense or security personnel who want the power of a shotgun, but in a concealable package. MSRP: $649

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