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First Look: Holosun HE508T Red Dot

First Look: Holosun HE508T Red Dot

Holosun Technologies rolled out its latest micro red dot optic in 2019, the HE508T-RD, a pistol-size unit protected by a CNC-machined titanium housing. Its open-frame design and ultra-clear glass give the HE508T an enhanced sight picture, and the latest Holosun-developed features included in the HE508T make this optic ideal for any situation.

Leading the Holosun lineup for pistol-size optics, the HE508T is packed with proprietary technology to help keep its users shooting in any environment. The HE508T's titanium housing makes it durable, corrosion resistant and lightweight, while Solar FailSafe and Shake Awake technologies keep it running, no matter what. Additionally, the HE508T has an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means that the optic can safely operate in wet climates, in the rain and even when submerged in water.

Holosun optics boast a battery life of up to 100,000 hours, or 10 years, on the HE508T. Battery life is critical, so Holosun developed Shake Awake technology that helps users preserve battery life by detecting motion or a lack of motion in the optic. When no motion is detected, the unit will automatically power down the LED emitter to conserve power. Once movement resumes, the optic immediately restores power to the LED, so that users never have to guess or wonder if their optic is active.

If the unexpected should occur and the battery does fail, Solar FailSafe uses a small solar panel mounted on top of the HE508T to collect ambient light to provide illumination for red dot. The brightness of the L.E.D. varies depending on the amount of light in the environment so users will never have a dim red dot in daylight or one that's too bright indoors.

The HE508T is customizable for any application using the included Multiple Reticle System. Holosun has developed this technology to allow users to choose between a 2-MOA dot, a 32-MOA ring, or both so that this micro red dot can be used on different firearm platforms and adjusted to user preference for faster and more reliable target acquisition. While there are multiple reticles, there is only one LED. This means that the HE508T only needs to be zeroed once, which saves users set-up time.

Packed full of Holosun's latest proprietary technology all placed neatly into a small, lightweight, corrosion resistant titanium body makes the HE508T a rugged and capable premium optic in a small package. The HE508T is available today, selling at an MSRP of $411.75 the HE508T is a powerful micro red dot optic at an incredible value. For more information on the new HE508T or other Holosun optics, visit the company's website at holosun.com.

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