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First Look: LaserMax Lightning Rail-Mounted Laser

First Look: LaserMax Lightning Rail-Mounted Laser

One of the largest issues facing owners of laser-aiming aids mounted on their firearms is having the ability to quickly and easily activate the laser in a high-stress defensive scenario with little time to think and act. LaserMax addressed this limitation with its innovative GripSense activation technology in 2018, and now the company is doubling down on this new technology with the launch of its Lightning laser, a rail-mounted option that features the instantaneous-activation technology provided by GripSense.

“Having the most advanced laser technology inside the firearm with our guide rod lasers, we now have the most advanced technology for outside the gun with GripSense,” said Kurt Worden director of sales for LaserMax Products. “Making this available now for pistols with rails opens up an entire new opportunity for consumers who don’t want to worry about pressing a button for activation."

Earlier models of LaserMax firearm-mounted lasers required a sensor located underneath the trigger guard that would sense when a user obtained a firing grip and automatically activate the laser. Now, this technology has been enhanced with a motion sensor that detects when a firing grip is obtained on the gun. Once a shooter grabs ahold of their gun's grip frame, the rail-mounted laser turns on instantaneously, providing a bright green or red beam that aids in rapid aiming.

Each LaserMax Lightning Laser fits on any firearm with at least 1 inch of Picatinny rail space and features programmable modes for either a steady or high-pulse beam. Users can also activate or deactivate the laser with a button push, if they desire. The design features an external battery hatch that can be removed without the use of tools, and the battery powers the laser for up to 20 hours of continuous use. To preserve battery life, the Lightning features a 10-minute timeout feature. The housing is a water-resistant design that protects the electronics from damage by rain or other moisture, and the laser is covered by a five-year warranty.

The suggested retail price on the red Lightning Laser is $149.99, and the green Lightning Laser retails for $199.99.

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