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First Look: PHLster ARC Weaponlight Switches

First Look: PHLster ARC Weaponlight Switches

Firearm-mounted lights can be incredibly useful tools in low-light self-defense scenarios, particularly in the home. A mounted light frees up a hand, enabling home defenders to navigate obstacles, open doors and handle family members without losing their situational awareness. A light mounted on a firearm also aids in target identification, a critical aspect of home-defense. However, the one-size-fits-all nature of many of today's weaponlights can make activation difficult for some. PHLster developed its own line of aftermarket ARC weaponlight switches to address this issue.

For years, owners of weapon-mounted lights like the SureFire X300 were forced to modify the OEM switches on their factory weaponlights if they wanted to enhance usability. DIY fixes included a range of creative ideas, mostly applying dabs of JB Weld, putty or epoxy on the ambidextrous switches to aid in activation during high-stress training. Each collection of PHLster ARC weaponlight switches includes three different paired options, all designed to allow end users to increase or decrease the distance between the switch and their activation finger.

Large and Extra Large models of switches feature aggressive stippling to aid in positive activation of the light. For those who prefer to add their own custom touch, an Extra Large Blank set of switches are also included, featuring a smooth, polymer finish that's ready to accept any custom-stippling work. All switch options included in the PHLster ARC lineup are designed to remain holster-friendly, so no matter what your carry rig is, you won't experience any hang-ups with these extended activation latches.

Installing a new switch is easy. Factory switch nubs can be removed with a pair of pliers or a small screwdriver. Once the OEM switches are gone, simply press the PHLster ARC switch of choice onto the switch armature bar until it's snugly in place. The modifications aren't permanent, and users can return to a factory configuration by simply reversing the process, if desired. The ARC line of switches are designed for use on the SureFire X300 line of weaponlights. The suggested retail price on the ARC switch lineup is $24.99.

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