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First Look: Black Collar Arms Bolt-Action Pistol Kit

First Look: Black Collar Arms Bolt-Action Pistol Kit

Looking for compact, lightweight, bolt-action platform? Or are you a do-it-yourself type of person who’s looking to build something a little a different than just another AR-15? Black Collar Arms is now offering complete kits, minus the receiver, which provide most of the items needed to build your own pistol-length bolt action pistol on the company's unique chassis system.

The Pork Sword chassis bundle is compatible with a Remington short-action receiver and provides most of the critical components for your next pistol build. Each kit comes with a chassis built from 7075 aluminum and features an 8 inch 4-slot FARend, along with an SB Tactical FS1913 pistol brace and the pistol-length barrel of your choice.

Options for a barrel for the Pork Sword chassis include 12.5-inch barrels in .308 Win., 10.5-inch barrels in .300 Blackout, .308 Win. and .458 SOCOM, 9-inch barrels in .300 Blackout and .458 SOCOM and an option to choose a 6.5-inch barrel in .300 Blackout. Barrel prices start at just $125, and each of these barrels feature a quick-detach locking nut, making it easy for the user to change calibers in mere minutes rather than have a gunsmith make the change, as is usually the case with Remington-action barrels.

Factory-stripped actions start at around $300, and magazines around $28, making it possible to create a custom-built Pork Sword Chassis pistol for just under $1,000. Black Collar Arms is also offering a purchase plan where customers can put down one-third of the price of the chassis system of their choice and then pay the balance off, interest-free, over 60 days.

More information on the Pork Sword Chassis system is available at https://blackcollararms.com/product/pistol-build-kit/.

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