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First Look: NPA HELO SR Ammunition

First Look: NPA HELO SR Ammunition

Rising lead levels is an issue for anyone who spends hours on the range, as is cleaning up and disposing of mounds and mounds of the toxic metal once practice is over. Because of this, lead-free ammunition is increasingly becoming a popular alternative for many military outfits and law enforcement agencies. With that in mind , the new patent-pending HELO SR 9 mm 120-grain solid copper hollow point ammunition from National Police Ammo is designed to provide law enforcement agencies with safer, lead free ammunition that is also a powerful and effective defensive round.

HELO SR stands for High Expansion, Law Enforcement, Ordinance with a Sintered Ram, and the ammo specifically to pass and exceed all FBI performance protocols. HELO SR ammo has a metal-alloy sintered tip that doesn’t deform in flight. It also acts as a barrier blind round and allows the ballistic tip to defeat intermediate barriers, then releases the tip from the main body of the projectile once it encounters soft tissue, which reduces the chance of overpenetration.

The patent-pending sintered alloy fluted insert inside the HELO SR round is denser that similar products on the market, with usually feature inserts made from polymer or plastic. This gives the HELO SR round greater ability to stay intact when passing through FBI protocol barriers like auto glass, steel, plywood, and drywall. The fluted design of the ammo also creates a hydraulic effect when it enters soft tissue: The cavities between the flutes open, forcing the bullet to expand and release the ballistic insert from the main body of the hollow point.

Available initially only to law enforcement, the 120-grain HELO SR round will soon be available on the civilian market via NPA's commercial brand, Alchemist Ammunition. For more information, visit npaammo.com.

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