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First Look: Volquartsen TG9 Trigger Group

First Look: Volquartsen TG9 Trigger Group

With the launch of the Volquartsen TG9 trigger group in 2019, consumers can enhance the performance of one of the industry's hottest new guns: the NRA Golden Bullseye-winning Ruger PC Carbine, which was reviewed here at Shooting Illustrated. To build this new trigger upgrade, Volquartsen's engineers turned to one of the company's existing upgrade platforms designed initially for the Ruger 10/22.

“The TG9 idea really came from the ongoing requests of our customers,” Volquartsen President Scott Volquartsen said. “For over a year now, we were receiving requests from customers asking about a trigger group for the Ruger PC9 or if there was a way they could modify our TG2000 to work in that platform.”

Like the company's original TG2000 trigger designed for the Ruger 10/22, the Volquartsen TG9 trigger group features a self-contained housing machined from 6061 aluminum and treated with a Type II anodized finish. The internal components of the unit are wire-EDM cut to meet exact dimensions, providing shooters with a clean, crisp trigger pull weighing in at 2.25 pounds. Users can also adjust the pre-travel and overtravel distance of the trigger to meet their needs. An internal reset mechanism also eliminates the drag and inconsistency of a traditional trigger plunger.

The entire unit drops into any standard Ruger PC Carbine without any special tools or gunsmithing work required. The total weight of the trigger unit is 6 ounces, and the TG9 features an all-black finish. Each trigger group is made in the USA, and the suggested retail price on the upgrade is $273. The Volquartsen TG9 will be available to consumers starting in mid-April 2019. To reserve a place in the production queue, consumers can pre-order a trigger at the company's website here.

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