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First Look: Meprolight FT Single Dot Sight

First Look: Meprolight FT Single Dot Sight

Building on the success of the company's FT Bullseye sight, Meprolight announced the addition of an all-new FT sight in the form of its Single Dot pistol sight. This all-new sighting system, designed to fit on the rear dovetail of a pistol slide, uses a tritium front sight. This is thanks to a unique arrangement that makes target acquisition fast and easy while also allowing for aiming in low-light conditions.

The Meprolight FT Bullseye system is a small, low-profile pistol sight with front and back aiming posts combined with a tritium illumination source amplified by fiber-optic cables, which are excellent for both day and nighttime use. The sights fit easily on existing pistol dovetails and are compatible with most holster systems.

Incredibly small and lightweight, the FT Single Dot system is based on Meprolight’s optical illumination patent, and the tritium-illuminated aiming system allows for for horizontal and vertical centering in daylight, nighttime and low-light conditions. The low-profile design of the sight assists in fast target acquisition and increases the user’s level of accuracy.

The rear sight of the FT Single Dot sight installs easily and quickly into the on any pistols rear dovetail. The FT Single Dot sight uses no batteries or switches, so there is nothing to upgrade or replace. The FT Single Dot is made from heavy-duty materials with a solid construction that is designed to withstand heavy use and provide the user with years of use.

MSRP on the FT Single Dot Sight is $130, and more information is available at meprolight.com.

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