New for 2019: Nighthawk Custom Firehawk 1911

posted on January 22, 2019
By starting from scratch on the design of a new compensator, Nighthawk Custom set out to develop a streamlined, compensated and carry-ready 1911 for 2019. The new Nighthawk Firehawk incorporates these new elements into a complete package that's reliable, manageable and loaded with the company's custom features.

"We set out to create a compensated pistol model, starting with the idea that we could use innovative engineering to build a 1911 that fit the profile of a standard Government model but would benefit from the effects of a compensator," said Mark Stone, owner and CEO of Nighthawk Custom. "We decided the traditional methods weren't enough and built the entire compensator system from scratch."

The single-port compensator on the Nighthawk Custom Firehawk 1911 is paired with a bull barrel, Commander-length spring and a modified, Government-length slide that's been cut down from 5 inches to 3.9 inches. The compensator blends into the contours of the cut-down slide, providing a streamlined package that reduces recoil while fitting into any standard-length Government-size holster. A full-length guide rod also adds weight to the front of the gun to cut down on the recoil experienced by the shooter.

While built with a functional, carry-ready design, the Nighthawk Custom Firehawk also incorporates some of the company's custom touches for a more-refined look. Each pistol is engraved with a French-Border design that draws the compensator and cut-down slide together. The closed end of the compensator features a bull-nose profile that allows for a smooth, snag-free draw. The result is a custom handgun that looks and feels like a classic, Government-size 1911 while providing more recoil- and muzzle-control for faster transitions and follow-up shots.

The Nighthawk Custom Firehawk 1911 is available with either a stainless-steel or black-nitride finish and can be had in 9 mm or .45 ACP. The suggested retail price on the gun is $4,199.


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