New for 2019: Taurus TX22

posted on January 18, 2019
For competition shooters as well as beginners, having a .22 LR training pistol can do wonders for learning and improving the basic fundamentals of handgunning. For 2019, Taurus expanded its handgun lineup with its new TX22, designed to provide custom-level features, like an improved trigger, magazine capacity and ergonomics, in a budget-priced platform.

"The TX22 is impressive because it’s truly ready to go from the factory," said USPSA Grand Master and Taurus Team Shooting Captain Jessie Harrison. "Being able to purchase a pistol that requires zero modification and is match-ready is most appealing as a competitor."

From the ground up, the Taurus TX22 is built as a platform that's accessible and comfortable for a range of shooters. The development process started with the frame of the pistol, which emerged into its unique shape through two years of research and design work. At the end, company designers emerged with a unique, ergonomic feel that guides shooters toward an ideal wrist position, as well as fitting a wide range of hand sizes.

Inside the frame, consumers will find a unique Taurus Pittman Trigger System, a single-action, striker-fired design that provides a short, 5-pound trigger pull to release the sear. A short, spring-assisted trigger reset provides increased trigger control and a tactile reset. Triggers are equipped with a hidden trigger safety, which guards against unintentional rearward movement while eliminating the blade-style safeties often seen on striker-fired guns. This offers a clean trigger face for a more-comfortable, consistent pull. The slide on the gun is also weight-optimized to ensure reduced recoil as well as reliable functioning. Slides are machined from 7075 aluminum and treated with a hard-anodized finish.

"As a competitive shooter, the feature that stands out the most is the trigger," Harrison said. "It’s smooth with a crisp break and positive reset. It feels like a custom trigger without the custom price tag.  The TX22 is a competition-ready gun, and that’s exciting for me and the future of Taurus!”

Other features found on the Taurus TX22 include a Picatinny accessory rail on the frame, as well as a windage- and elevation-adjustable rear sight, allowing users to customize the zero of their guns for particular ammunition loads. The gun's barrel features 1/2-28 TPI muzzle threads for use with suppressors, and the pistol's magazine-release button is reversible for ambidextrous use. Models equipped with manual safeties will also be available.

Each Taurus TX22 measures 7.06 inches long, 1.25 inches wide and 5.44 inches high. The barrel measures 4.1 inches long, and the overall weight, unloaded, is 17.3 ounces. Two 16-round magazines are included with each gun, and the suggested retail price on the pistol is $349.


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