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New for 2019: Wilson Combat Protector Series

New for 2019: Wilson Combat Protector Series

Expanding the company's lineup of AR-15s in 2019, Wilson Combat launched an all-new Protector Series of pistols and carbines based on this popular modular platform. Each Wilson Combat Protector Series firearm is loaded with a number of the company's custom components, providing consumers with a battle-ready platform made to exacting specifications.

Each carbine or pistol in the Wilson Combat Protector Series starts with the company's mil-spec upper and lower receivers, each forged from aluminum. The upper receiver is paired with a match-grade, stainless-steel barrel, and a mid-length gas system paired with a low-profile gas block is added to all guns chambered in 5.56 NATO and 300 HAM'R. Wilson elected to use a pistol-length gas system on all carbines and AR-style pistols chambered in .300 Blackout. The barrel is topped with the company's Q-Comp flash hider/muzzle brake combination, which is designed to mitigate muzzle rise and flash without exceeding the muzzle blast produced by a crowned muzzle.

Each Wilson Combat Protector Series carbine or pistol will feature the company's own handguard design, complete with M-Lok attachment slots, a 4-inch accessory rail and quick-detach sling mount. Wilson Combat furniture doesn't end there, as each carbine is outfitted with the company's Rogers Super-Stoc, as well as a BCM pistol grip treated with Wilson's Starburst-pattern grip stippling. All AR-style pistols in the Protector Series are equipped with the same BCM Starburst pistol grip, as well as a Tailhook Mod 2 adjustable brace.

Inside all Protector Series guns, consumers will find a Wilson Combat M2 two-stage TTU trigger with a factory-set pull weight between 4.5-5 pounds. The guns are also built with nitride-coated bolt-carrier groups, complete with a Carpenter 158 magnetic particle-inspected bolt, single-piece gase ring and heat-resistant chrome-silicone ejector and extractor springs.

Wilson Combat Protector Series Carbines are available in 5.56 NATO (1:8-inch twist rate), 300 Blackout (1:7-inch twist rate) and 300 HAM'R (1:15-inch twist rate). Barrel lengths on each model measure 16.25 inches long, and the entire gun measures 33.25-36.5 inches, depending on stock position. Each carbine weighs 6 pounds, 1 ounce unloaded, and the carbines ship with a single D&H 30-round magazine.

AR-style pistols available in the Wilson Combat Protector Series are also available in the same calibers and barrel-twist rates as the carbines, and the barrel length on these models measures 11.3 inches. Overall length on the pistols measures between 27.5-30 inches, depending on brace position, and the unloaded weight of the guns is 5 pounds, 10 ounces. Each Protector Series pistol ships with a single D&H 20-round magazine.

All of the company's Protector Series AR-15s can be had with either a black or coyote-tan Armor-Tuff finish. The suggested retail price on the guns starts at $1,999.95.

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