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First Look: SureFire Guardian DBR Flashlight

First Look: SureFire Guardian DBR Flashlight

Need a powerful floodlight for large-area illumination? No problem. How about another powerful spotlight for lighting up distant dark spots? No problem. Hate paying for batteries? No problem. Worried your rechargeable light will die at the worst possible time? Again, no problem. Wait, you want it to fit in a pocket? Yeah, still no problem with the SureFire DBR Guardian flashlight, one of the newest offerings from the company.

SureFire’s DBR Guardian is an amazing little device. It has two LED/reflector assemblies: a 19 mm assembly that can project light up to 227 meters away, and a 12 mm assembly that can illuminate large areas up to 105 meters away. It does this with a USB-rechargeable battery (charging cable included) that has an integrated gauge on the flashlight to let you know how much battery life you have left. Green means good (95 to 100 percent charged), yellow means the charge is low and red means it needs to be charged ASAP. At a glance you can tell whether you need to plug it in, or if you can keep on lighting the way.

The DBR Guardian is set up with two switches that activate respective assemblies. Each runs its assembly through low, medium and high settings, and five custom profiles allow you to change whether low is first, high is first, momentary on or if you’d like to make use of SureFire’s proprietary Intellibeam technology, where the Guardian itself will dim or brighten based on ambient lighting. All this in a package that’s only 4.35 inches long and weighs 4.7 ounces.

Spotlight Output, low: 15 lumens, 60-hour run time
Spotlight Output, medium: 250 lumens, 4.25-hour run time
Spotlight Output, high: 800 lumens, 2.5-hour run time
Floodlight Output, low: 15 lumens, 62-hour run time
Floodlight Output, medium: 300 lumens, 4.25-hour run time
Floodlight Output, high: 1,000 lumens, 2.5-hour run time
MSRP: $179

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