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First Look: McMillan SENTRY Modular Rifle Stock

First Look: McMillan SENTRY Modular Rifle Stock

Thanks, in part, to the growing popularity of precision-shooting competitions, an increasing number of precision-rifle owners are looking to build their own platforms from the ground up. Many builders are turning to areas of the market that already have an array of options, and McMillan USA offers its new SENTRY Modular Rifle Stock as a foundational element of these builds, particularly for owners of Remington rifle actions.

Equipped with nearly any kind of Remington-style rifle receiver, particularly the Model 700, owners of the SENTRY stock can find a compatible AR-15 buttstock and pistol grip that best fits their shooting rig and attach it to this hybrid system. At the rear of the stock is a threaded mount designed to take any standard AR-style buffer tube, allowing users to pick and choose among the expansive AR aftermarket. The unit is even compatible with increasingly popular folding mechanisms that allow the stock to fold over for transport and storage.

The heart of the platform retains the stand-out aspects found in the range of McMillan's purpose-built precision-rifle stocks, featuring a full-inlet design that mates perfectly with the gun's receiver and barrel. Like all of the company's stocks, the colors are molded into the stock construction itself and can be selected from a range of options.

The fore-end of the stock features a squared-off design that allows it to be used on a tripod with ease, and the design is compatible with a number of optional accessories, such as a forward-mounted Picatinny rail for easy bipod attachment or sling-swivel studs. The stock does not ship with a pistol grip, buffer tube or buttstock attached, and the starting retail price on the McMillan SENTRY Modular Rifle Stock is $450 with a standard inlet.

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