First Look: McMillan Mc3 Tactical Legend Stock

posted on March 15, 2018
McMillan, long known for its line of sturdy fiberglass rifle stocks used on military rifles, entered 2018 with a new Mc3 Tactical Legend stock, the latest generation in the company's line of A-5 rifle-stock designs.

The all-new line of Mc3 rifle stocks are a departure from the company that, for more than 40 years, carefully crafted precision stocks from a combination of fiberglass or graphite cloth combined with epoxy resin. Now, the company's latest product is instead molded from Zenolite, a cutting-edge glass-filled polymer material designed by McMillan for use on this durable rifle stock and not in use by any other stock manufacturer.

The benefit of the new material is that consumers now have access to a stronger, stiffer stock that's particularly designed to protect against wear and abuse, all at a price that the everyday shooter can afford. Additionally, the stock also produces less shrinkage and stands up to abrasions better than other stocks on the market at a similar price point.

Several models of the McMillan Mc3 Tactical Legend stocks are available, all designed for both short- and long-action models of the Remington 700. The stocks will fit both BDL and DBM rifle models. The Legend Standard model is available with a tan finish and features a 1-inch cushioned recoil pad designed specifically for the stock by Pachmayr.

Also included on the stock are two front sling-swivel studs for simultaneous bipod and sling mounting, as well as a quick-detach cup and loop located at the rear. The stock features a vertical pistol grip and a hook that enables users to easily bed the design deep into the shoulder. The fore-end is cut to accept 700-style actions paired with a Varmint/Sendero barrel profile.

Stepping up to the Legend Deluxe model, consumers will find the same tan stock molded from glass-filled polymer, albeit with several additional features. The 1-inch recoil pad is paired with a set of stock spacers that enable length-of-pull adjustment, and comb height is fully adjustable, enabling users to find the perfect custom fit.

Also available is the company's Legend Deluxe Plus model. This enhanced version of the Mc3 stock is molded from a carbon-fiber-filled polymer, creating a lighter, stronger, stiffer stock compared to the glass-filled polymer models. The Legend Deluxe Plus is available in black and also features the same adjustable comb and length-of-pull as the Deluxe model.

Both of the McMillan Mc3 Tactical Legend Deluxe and Deluxe Plus models are available with detachable bottom metal. The suggested retail price on the standard stock starts at $259, while the Legend Deluxe BDL and Legend Deluxe Plus BDL models retail for $319 and $409, respectively.


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