New for 2018: Auto-Ordnance 'Fly Girls' 1911A1 Pistol

posted on August 4, 2018

Among the many millions who served during World War II, the Women Airforce Service Pilots, known as WASPs, were some of the unsung heroes of the conflict. These women were pioneers in the military, flying aircraft across the world for eventual use in the conflict and freeing up men to serve on the front lines. Over the course of the war, 38 WASPs had given their lives in service to the country, and Auto-Ordnance pays homage to their service and sacrifice with the company's all-new "Fly Girls" 1911A1 pistol.

Part of the company's line of custom 1911 handguns built to honor the service of men and women in WWII, the "Fly Girls" 1911A1 is built on a standard Government-size frame, slide and barrel combination, evoking the image of the classic service sidearm used during the war. Each pistol is outfitted with wood grips, complete with a "US" emblem inset into the center of each grip panel.

The frame and slide of the Auto-Ordnance "Fly Girls" 1911A1 pistol is finished with a unique Cerakote finish, emblazoned with engravings that memorialize the service of the WASPs. On the right side of the gun is the badge of the Women's Air Corps, a diamond-shaped shield inspired by the defensive gear of the goddess Athena. Next to the badge, the years that the WASPS served (1941-1947) is engraved, as well as the phrase, "Pistol Packin' Mama."

On the left side of the gun are the words, "Original Fly Girls," alongside the "Fifinella" cartoon depiction designed by Walt Disney and used as the official mascot of the WASPs during WWII. Both sides of the slide also feature the original Army Air Corps roundel. All the designs were built in conjunction with Outlaw Ordnance, based out of Louisiana, and Kahr Firearms Group is also working closely with designers Vaughn Neville and Omar "Crispy" Avila on the project.

Other features on the Auto-Ordnance "Fly Girls" 1911A1 pistol include the standard vertical slide serrations located on the rear of the slide, as well as the classic A1-style hammer spur and beavertail grip safety. The pistol is also equipped with military-style sights, including a drift-adjustable rear sight. The overall length of the gun is 8.5 inches and the pistol weighs in at 35 ounces. Each pistol ships with a single seven-round magazine, and the suggested retail price on the $1,091.


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