Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol and picture of a gunwriter

Fightin' Iron: The Smith & Wesson Model 39 Handgun

When he made the point, my buddy was speaking from a position of strength. Chuck Karwan—West Point graduate, champion heavyweight wrestler, combat platoon leader, Green Beret, outdoorsman, gunwriter—was a bear of a guy. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms of all sorts. Karwan was particularly fond of digging into the development of handguns; sights, systems, breeching, etc.; from Paterson to present.

Personal Defense with Classic Firearms

Many heirlooms can be pressed into service with a minimal tune-up and a new holster.

New for 2018: Auto-Ordnance 'Fly Girls' 1911A1 Pistol

Dedicated to the WASPs who served during World War II, the Auto-Ordnance "Fly Girls" 1911A1 includes special features designed to memorialize their service.

New for 2018: Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 in 9 mm

Auto-Ordnance expanded its 1911A1 pistol lineup in 2018 to include a 9 mm version of its popular USGI-style model.

A Guide to Field-Stripping the 1911 Pistol

The 1911 is one of the most popular firearm designs in the country. Here, we cover the basics of field-stripping, cleaning and maintaining this iconic pistol.


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