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RISE Armament Expands Facilities

RISE Armament Expands Facilities

Rise Armament, a manufacturer and supplier of AR firearms and components based in Broken Arrow, OK, has expanded its facilities to meet increased consumer demand for its product line. The year 2018 has been particularly notable, with the firm’s automated machining center increased in February by 30 percent, followed by yet another 50 percent in May and June.

Part of the expansion in production includes an automated mil/turn machine capable of creating finished muzzle devices—including flash hiders, barrel nuts and compensators—from raw materials in a single step. The move has increased efficiency, ensuring continued timely delivery on orders with the ability to maintain the quality and price point expected by customers.  

“It’s an exciting time at Rise Armament,” said Matt Torres, president of the firm. “We’ve experienced excellent growth, which has led to the need for expansion. This move will undoubtedly benefit the company and, most importantly, our customers.”

Rise also produces complete guns, including the 1121XR 6.5 Creedmoor rifle released earlier this year. “With its emphasis on accuracy, it helps shooters remove their limits, making virtually any shooter better,” Torres explained.

The company also offers bolt-carrier groups, triggers and much more, including handguards. In fact, demand for the latter also forced the company to increase production capacity.

The term “new norm” for the current pace of growth in gun sales—admittedly pale by comparison to 2016’s record—doesn’t reflect sales of aftermarket parts or accessories, which don’t require NICS background checks or fall under their monthly reporting. As a result, quality aftermarket parts from companies like Rise Armament are quietly keeping retailers busy as new AR owners upgrade.

Rise Armament specializes in the design and manufacturing of AR-15s, receivers, triggers, barrels, compensators, and more for civilian, military, and law enforcement uses. Visit its website for full details or more information on its products.

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