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First Look: JM4 Tactical Relic Holster Line

First Look: JM4 Tactical Relic Holster Line

In the new Relic lineup of holsters, JM4 Tactical combined Boltaron and leather, two popular holster materials, into an all-new design that's purpose-built to provide consumers with a quiet, rugged concealed-carry setup. This proprietary combination addresses many of the issues faced by consumers who choose holsters made entirely of Boltaron polymer.

The Relic holster lineup was so-named for the core elements embodied in its design: reliable, easy, light, individual carry. These descriptors were chosen to communicate the priorities that the designers of the new holster lineup kept in mind when designing the rig.

“We have determined 3 major issues with traditional plastic holsters: deformation and cracking due to extreme temperatures, damage to the firearm due to the hard plastic and they are just rather loud when holstering and unholstering the firearm," said Chad Myers, JM4 Tactical co-owner. "The Relic Holster solves all of these problems.”

Thanks to a unique, proprietary forming technology, JM4 Tactical pairs up Boltaron polymer that's made in the USA and attaches Grade A steer hide to the inside of the holster's shell in order to preserve the finish on any carry pistol as well as ensure silent drawing and reholstering. With this never-before-seen combination, users have access to a holster that combines many of the benefits found in both leather and polymer carry rigs.

Right from the launch of the new JM4 Tactical Relic holster collection, four different models are available to consumers: appendix, tuckable IWB, hybrid and paddle. Specially formed holsters provide a perfect fit for hundreds of compatible gun models, ensuring that there's a Relic holster sized right for your gun.

The suggested retail price on the new JM4 Tactical Relic holster lineup starts at $94.97. In addition to the company's new Relic holster lineup, JM4 Tactical is also known for its novel Quick, Click and Carry holster, designed for easy and secure attachment inside the waistband.

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