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First Look: Rise Armament RA-1010 AR-15 Bolt-Carrier Group

First Look: Rise Armament RA-1010 AR-15 Bolt-Carrier Group

Improving upon the traditional design of the AR-15 bolt-carrier group seems like a tall task, given that the design has performed dependably for decades. However, the Rise Armament RA-1010 bolt-carrier group enhances the performance of any AR-15 through its low-mass design that provides a number of benefits to the end user.

“During the testing process, I used the RA-1010 in 3-Gun competitions. I love this carrier,” said Garrett Grover, product specialist at Rise Armament. “The reduction in felt recoil is simply amazing, and the nitride finish still looks virtually new after several thousand rounds. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance the performance of any AR-platform rifle. As a competitive shooter, every one of my guns will have one in it.”

Machined from 8620 tool steel and built with a bolt machined from 9310 steel, the Rise Armament RA-1010 bolt-carrier group is designed to provide consistent, reliable and durable performance compared to traditional receivers. The design makes any AR easier to shoot, since there's less mass moving inside the receiver during normal operation.

Durability is also enhanced through solid construction on other components contained in the bolt-carrier group. The gas key, machined from tool steel, is fastened to the carrier body through grade 8 fasteners, which are properly staked to prevent loosening. The cam pin is made from 4140 steel, and the extractor is machined from tool steel and is shot-peened to enhance fatigue life over comparable mil-spec components.

Each Rise Armament RA-1010 bolt-carrier group can be used with lighter buffers to further reduce recoil and improve the speed with which users can get follow-up shots on target. The bolt-carrier group features an easy-to-clean nitride finish, and each product is individually inspected both visually and with magnetic-particle inspection techniques in order to ensure quality.

The suggested retail price on the RA-1010 bolt-carrier group is $239.99.

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