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First Look: Galco Quick Slide Belt Holster

First Look: Galco Quick Slide Belt Holster

Galco took inspiration from the popular hybrid configuration of the company's KingTuk and TacSlide belt holsters and developed an all-new holster design for 2018: the Galco Gunleather Quick Slide belt holster.

The all-new Quick Slide holster is constructed from a combination of a lined steerhide backplate matched up with a molded Kydex holster pocket, ensuring that users have a comfortable carry experience combined with a secure, durable carry rig that easily stands up to the rigors of daily use. The recommended carry position for the Quick Slide holster is on the strong side of the user's body from the 3-5 o'clock positions.

Constructed with an almost-neutral cant and an open top, getting a solid firing grip and drawing your defensive firearm is fast and effortless. For added security, the Quick Slide features a built-in passive-retention device that secures the holstered firearm at the trigger guard, ensuring that nothing but a solid firing grip obtained by the wearer can dislodge the pistol from its holstered position.

The Galco Quick Slide belt holster attaches to the waist through two snap loops spaced at either end of the leather backplate, ensuring a solid belt mount. The construction of the holster ensures that it snugs up tightly to the carrier's body, enabling solid concealment underneath a light cover garment. The open bottom of the holster enables multiple barrel lengths built on the same frame size to be be carried securely with the same holster, such as the Glock G17, G19 and G34 trio.

Each Galco Quick Slide belt holster is designed to fit belts with a maximum width of 1.5 inches. The holster only comes in a black finish and fits guns from a range of popular manufacturers, including Springfield Armory, Kimber, Remington, Colt, SIG Sauer, Ruger and more. The suggested retail price on the holster is $54.

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