5 Premium Shoulder Holsters for Everyday Carry

posted on October 13, 2018

Shoulder holsters are available in a variety of models that orient a pistol in several ways, offering great versatility and making them ideal for someone who is seated for long periods of time. Perhaps that is why they are popular with law enforcement/military pilots and armored-vehicle personnel, along with members of security details assigned to vehicles. For the same reasons, shoulder holsters benefit those with physical disabilities—especially the wheelchair bound. Drawing from a shoulder holster is easy when seated.

Since a shoulder holster carries the pistol beneath the support-side arm, the design makes it one of the easiest to draw from with your weak hand. That said, the muzzle faces rearward when in the holster, so some ranges ban these rigs.

Bianchi | Model X15 Vertical Shoulder Holster

Constructed from full-grain, vegetable-tanned cowhide, the Bianchi X15’s X-style harness evenly distributes a handgun’s weight on the shoulder, making it easy to comfortably carry pistols and revolvers with barrels ranging from 2 to 8 inches in length. In addition to its thumb break, it features an interior dual spring for an extra element of retention and more peace of mind for those moments when the situation/surroundings become even more dynamic. MSRP: $158.75; safariland.com

DeSantis | New York Undercover Double Pouch

Available in black or tan unlined leather, the New York Undercover has undergone numerous design revisions since first being produced in the 1970s to offer the best fit and function. Each holster is crafted from top-grain cowhide and meticulously molded to fit your handgun perfectly. The harness will fit up to a 54-inch chest and pivots at all four junction points for added comfort. A thumb break provides welcome retention, and additional accessories are also available. MSRP: $182.99; desantisholster.com

Don Hume | Model H770-AA with Magazine Holder

Attractive and functional, the Model H770-AA Shoulder Rig sports hand-boned detail that, in addition to showcasing each of your pistol’s lines and curves, results in an eye-catching rig that conforms perfectly to your handgun. Fit and security is addressed via an adjustable tension screw and a reinforced thumb break. The added versatility of a belt loop on the back of the holster allows the holster to be adapted for strong-side belt carry. Carry rings on the harness permit total range of motion, while its 2-inch, centralized elastic strap aids maneuverability. MSRP: $198.80; donhume.com

Galco | Miami Classic

Available for a wide array of semi-autos and some revolvers, as well as right- and left-handed models, the Galco Miami Classic is constructed of premium saddle leather for durability. The straps that comprise its spider harness are narrow to provide maximum concealment, and all four parts of the clover-shaped Flexalon swivel independently, which aids fit while promoting comfort and long-term use. Optional accessories/components, such as flashlight/handcuff cases and tie-downs, are sold separately. MSRP: $220; galcogunleather.com

Safariland | Model 7053 7TS ALS Shoulder Holster

Constructed from SafariSeven, a robust material that is extremely resistant to hard use and the elements, the Safariland Model 7053 also includes the company’s automatic-locking system (or ALS). Once holstered, the system anchors the pistol in place and it is not released until a button is actuated by the strong-side thumb while simply pulling the pistol straight out. The combination of the Model 7053’s lightweight composite material and its minimalist harness design make traditional tie-downs unnecessary, and result in a truly innovative holster. MSRP: $96; safariland.com


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