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LaserLyte Introduces Trigger Guard Laser for Walther PPS

LaserLyte Introduces Trigger Guard Laser for Walther PPS

Owners of Walther PPS M1 and M2 pistols can now get a Trigger Guard Laser from LaserLyte, which also includes the company's built-in Gun Sight Trainer.

The new Trigger Guard Laser features a snag-free design that latches onto the contours of the pistol's trigger guard and frame. To install, simply snap the two sides of the frame onto the trigger guard and then use the four provided screws to snug the laser unit into place.

The Trigger Guard Laser features the company's Class III-A master module laser, which allows for ambidextrous activation using the two activation buttons on either side of the module. The unit is also adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing shooters to get on target easily. The unit also features an exterior battery cap that allows users to change batteries without having to remove the unit from the gun.

The unit also features LaserLyte's innovative Gun Sight Trainer. To activate the trainer mode, simply hold down both activation buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Once activated, the trainer mode will shoot a laser pulse with every pull of the trigger, allowing owners to train with an unloaded pistol at home, saving them time and money. As an added safety feature, the unit will revert to normal operation after 5 minutes in the training mode, ensuring that the unit will be ready for defensive use when needed.

LaserLyte also includes its Universal Rail Mount laser body with the Walther PPS laser. The laser module found in the Trigger Guard Laser can be removed and dropped into the Universal Rail Mount, allowing the laser to be mounted on any pistol equipped with a Picatinny accessory rail.

The unit runs off three 392 batteries, which provide the laser with 5 hours of actual use in constant-on mode. The total weight of the laser is .79 ounces. The suggested retail price on the LaserLyte Trigger Guard Laser is $104.95.

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