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First Look: Comp-Tac Armadillo Shooting Vest

First Look: Comp-Tac Armadillo Shooting Vest

With the 2017 acquisition of Armadillo Concealment by Comp-Tac Victory Gear, consumers are now able to purchase clothing and apparel designed for shooters straight from Comp-Tac. One of the company's first products under the new brands is the Armadillo Shooting Vest, designed particularly for competition shooters.

"When hundredths of a second can make a difference between a pretty good run and winning, it's critical to be able to quickly and reliably move clothing out of the way to get to your gun and then have that clothing quickly return to out-of-the way normal carry position during firing," said Randi Rogers, Comp-Tac Victory Gear sales and marketing manager.

The Comp-Tac Armadillo Shooting Vest blends well with the company known for producing comfortable, easy-to-use holsters for concealed carry. The vest makes it easy to conceal a personal-defense pistol while also providing a purpose-built design that aids wearers in drawing their pistol quickly.

The shooting vest was designed initially by Armadillo Concealment as apparel for competition shooting, specifically IDPA matches. In IDPA shooting, handguns have to be drawn from concealment before engaging targets, and a vest is a popular garment for competition shooters looking to have an edge on the clock.

Designed as a relatively affordable piece of gear, the shooting vest can be used for personal-defense as well as competition shooting, giving wearers a comfortable piece of daily-wear apparel that also allows for quick and easy access in a self-defense situation. The vest is constructed from 10-ounce cotton-duck cloth. For added usability, the bests are equipped with two large pockets on the left and right sides, secured with hook-and-loop fabric closures. In addition, two smaller pockets are located higher up on the clothing.

The Comp-Tac Armadillo Shooting Vest is available in eight different sizes, ranging from medium to 2XL with tall- and regular-length options for each size choice. The vests are available in tan, gray, blue, red and green options, with custom colors available as a special request. Embroidery is also available at an additional charge. The suggested retail price on the shooting vest is $140.

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