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Ballistol Multi-Purpose Wipes

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Wipes

Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest. What's one of the biggest enemies of firearms (aside from anti-gun politicians, of course)? Rust. What's a sure-fire way to introduce rust on a firearm? Get it wet and then don't clean it immediately.

With Ballistol's Multi-purpose wipes, however, you can keep a couple packets in your range bag or even rifle case and have a means of lubricating and protecting your firearms right at your fingertips. And speaking of fingertips, the active ingredient in these wipes is safe for skin and non-carcinogenic.

A single package of 24 individually-wrapped wipes can be spread throughout the home, range and garage. Squeaky door hinges can be dealt with quickly, as can dry bicycle chains and tools that see frequent use. Of most importance to our firearms, keep a handful of wipes in your range bag and rifle case. When caught in inclement weather, these wipes remove water and leave a protective coating that will protect your favorite firearm against rust, corrosion and residue.

MSRP: $27 for three boxes of 24 wipes each.

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