Carl Zeiss Introduces the New, 30 mm CONQUEST Duralyt Riflescope Line

posted on January 25, 2012

Known for their reliability and precision, all three premium German-made models are available with illuminated reticle # 60 or non-illuminated reticle # 6, giving today's shooter excellent options for most situations.  The distinctive design, durability and outstanding value of these 30mm scopes set them apart in the premium segment.

"We're excited to bring this new line of rugged, versatile 30mm CONQUEST riflescopes to the U.S. market," said Michael A. Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics.  "We want to provide our customers with more choices, and the CONQUEST Duralyt represents the best value for a European engineered riflescope!   These riflescopes feature the mechanical precision that you expect from ZEISS, large fields of view, incredible daylight illumination and image quality that is absolutely outstanding for this class.   Simply put, the 30mm CONQUEST Duralyt offers exceptional performance at a very appealing price point." (For a closer look at each of the scopes, go here.)

The illuminated reticle #60 features an extremely fine red dot in the center of the crosshairs.  When turned off, the dot disappears and it looks identical to reticle #6 (both are non-magnifying reticles in the second image plane). The daylight-visible illuminated reticle #60 was developed using fiber optic nanotechnology that produces the finest illuminated dot in its class – covering just 0.3 inches at 100 yards on 12x magnification.  Illumination is activated, and brightness intensity controlled, by pressing one of the two touch keys on the eyepiece.  After four hours of unaltered operation, the illuminated dot switches off automatically.  For manual deactivation, both buttons must be pressed simultaneously.  

The progressive design of the CONQUEST Duralyt also features a unique dark grey, anodized surface with deep black rubber operating elements to ensure that the scopes blend well into natural surroundings. The CONQUEST Duralyt scopes are also nitrogen filled to remain water and fog proof for years of hard use and enjoyment.

The three CONQUEST Duralyt models provide hunters and shooters with options for just about any situation afield.  The CONQUEST Duralyt 1.2-5x36's low magnification and wide field of view allows for quick and safe target acquisition at close range making it an excellent choice for dangerous game and tactical applications. 

The sleek and compact CONQUEST Duralyt 2-8x42 provides bright images in twilight and allows for accurate shooting at moderate distances exceeding 200 yards.  This is the model of choice for those seeking a practical magnification range for various types of hunting. 

The CONQUEST Duralyt 3-12x50 is the ideal choice for shooting medium to longer distances during the day or in twilight conditions.  The 50mm objective allows for excellent low light performance and yet this scope is still lightweight enough for mountain hunters. 

                                                                                   MSRP                          Retail
CONQUEST Duralyt 1.2-5x36, #6                                 $1,055.54                       $949.99
CONQUEST Duralyt 1.2-5x36, illum #60                         $1,388.88                       $1,249.99
CONQUEST Duralyt 2-8x42, #6                                     $1,111.10                      $999.99
CONQUEST Duralyt 2-8x42, illum #60                            $1,444.43                      $1,299.99
CONQUEST Duralyt 3-12x50, #6                                   $1,166.66                      $1,049.99
CONQUEST Duralyt 3-12x50, illum #60                          $1,499.99                      $1,349.99


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handgun facing right

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