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.40 S&W Wilson Combat 140-grain Barnes TAC-XP

.40 S&W Wilson Combat 140-grain Barnes TAC-XP

Wilson Combat is adamant its ammo generates the velocity printed on the box, and my testing has shown that when the company says a load generates a certain velocity from a certain barrel length, it means it. From a Glock 22's 4.5-inch barrel, this load generated 1,195 fps; 5 fps below what Wilson Combat said this load would generate from a 5-inch barrel. Ironically, this is the same bullet DoubleTap loads for the .40 S&W, and when that load was tested, it generated a very similar 1,163 fps. Guess what? Terminal performance was almost identical.

Load MV (fps) PEN (inches) EXP (inches) RW (grains)
.40 S&W Wilson Combat 140-grain TAC-XP 1,195 14.25 .73 140

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