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The "Practical" Shotgun

Practical shooting, as a sport, pits competitive shooters against each other in an explosive blend...

Phoenix RBT Solutions Announces New Non-Lethal Training Ammuntion Helmet and Portable TG FACILITY

Unique NLTA Helmet Eliminates Fogging During Reality-Based Training While Maintaining 180-Degree Visibility for the User...

The Meltdown

Since the term "meltdown" signifies things have gone bad, it is a fitting name for...

The Truth About Pistons

If 2009 was the year of the AR, this year is shaping up to be...

Pocket-Pistol Prowess

Practicing with that convenient-to-carry gun is a critical component in your self-defense strategy.

Post-Shooting Trauma

One of the most overlooked aspects of defensive shooting is the psychological issues that can...

Vehicular Carry

NRA Certified Instructor Tom Marx begins his series on concealed carry methods with a look...


Something has been bothering me and I see no reason it shouldn't bother you, too.

Extended Trends in Long-Range Shooting

Advancements in long-range-shooting equipment have opened doors for more shooters than ever before. (Photo courtesy...

One-Handed Shotgun Manipulation

Proven in an actual FBI shootout, one-handed shotgun manipulation is an advanced technique that can...

Defensive Revolver Grip

Gripping a revolver is different from gripping a semi-automatic. (Photo courtesy of Smith & Wesson)

Why I Shoot IDPA

No need to buy a pile of special gear to shoot an IDPA match; just...

Building a Home-Defense AR Upper

Although it's not as tough to find a new AR for sale as it was...

Installing an AR Fore-End

Getting this done right means everything will have to be level.

Installing an AR-15 Barrel

Your torque wrench will earn its keep on this one.
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