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Installing an AR-15 Barrel

Your torque wrench will earn its keep on this one.

Assembling the Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle

Putting these AR parts together, even from separate components is easy when you follow these...

Installing a Dust Cover

Though it may seem like the most inconsequential part of an AR upper, the dust...

Installing a Forward Assist

Installing a forward assist is a straightforward process.

Deal with It

Learn how to deal with road-rage situations to avoid trouble, or prevail if trouble can't...

Laser Ready

Firearm lasers are as thick as shoppers at Walmart on the first of the month.

Magazine Myths, Mistakes and Methods

Once considered unreliable and even unnecessary in the gun world, detachable or box magazines have...

Developing a Self-Defense-Oriented State of Mind

The third installment in this series of articles takes a look at perhaps the most...

Range Medicine

Practical first-aid steps that can save a life.

Fisch and Tips: Holsters, Part I

Picking a holster for concealed carry can be difficult. Here are the pros and cons...

Eyeball Boresighting

Learn how to boresight your optic quickly without using a laser or collimator.

The Evolution of Sheep

While the simple act of watching your local evening news should be enough to confirm...

InSights Training Center: Intensive Handgun Skills

One of the great things about the current state of the firearms industry is that...

Tri-Lambda Drill

Some years ago, Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics and Rob Leatham were shooting together when...

Little Things Can Get You Hurt

A simple change in holster location or an incorrect assumption about a person's intent can...
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