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Upgrade your iron sights

Upgrade Your Iron Sights

If your sights aren't lined up correctly, you're not hitting the target. Do something about it.

Mental Focus

Stray thoughts equals stray shots.

Open Carry: You Decide

Sheriff Jim takes a fair and balanced look at open carry.

Tool Cycling

Having more than one option ready to go is an essential self defense skill.

Understanding the FBI’s Ammo-Testing Protocol

Most shooters consider the FBI’s ammo-testing protocol the gold standard regarding the evaluation of handgun ammunition for self-defense.

.22LR For Self-Defense?

Only in the last few years has the .22LR cartridge been deemed as even mildly acceptable for defensive purposes.

It’s All About the Student

A shooting range is not a stage, nor is it a podium.

Keeping The Proper Perspective

A firearm is only part of the defensive lifestyle.

Infrared Aiming Devices For Rifles

Using infrared technology can be challenging even with the best equipment, which is why the U.S. Army runs intricate training scenarios to familiarize its Soldiers with these IR devices.

Body Language and Personal Defense

The best time to spot a potential threat is beforehand.

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