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Sheriff Jim Wilson


Watching the Summer Olympics has brought to mind a technique that is used by many,...

America's Sweetheart

It was recently reported that the United States Marine Corps' search for a .45 service...

Don't Overlook the Obvious

Think through your defensive plan carefully. It just might save your life.

Practice for the Most Danger

Preparing for close-range encounters is vital for self-defense.

Keep it Fun

Range time can be very serious, but it should also be fun.

Live With It

The Sheriff has some advice for dealing with folks who appear uncomfortable with their firearms.

A Classic Gunfight

This past October marked the 130th anniversary of one of the classic gunfights of the...

It's a Way of Life

It is important to keep firmly in mind that personal defense is not just about...

Do the Unexpected

Do something an attacker would never expect can buy you precious time to defend yourself...

An Alternative

I want to begin by avoiding the furor and clearly stating that I have absolutely...

Persistent Myths

It is absolutely amazing the way some myths about self-defense continue to get passed around...

The Eyes Have It

Obviously, close-range deadly encounters are among the most dangerous a person has to deal with.

Now That's Versatile

Retired Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson is a friend of mine. We worked together in years...

Body Language Sends a Message

Some time back, I was shown an article in a women's magazine suggesting personal defense...

The Importance of Dry Practice

Dry practice is a great and inexpensive way to improve your gun-handling skills. Just remember...
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