Sheriff Jim Wilson

Sheriff Jim Wilson

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Sheriff Jim Wilson

The Low Ready Position

A few moments to assess what's going on can make a big difference.

Just Do It Safely

Knowing and practicing firearms safety is an essential part of owning a gun.

Make It Work For You

Maintaining competency with a smaller defensive pistol requires more effort.

To Crouch or Not To Crouch

That is the question that Sheriff Jim has on his mind.

Don’t Overlook The Lever Action

The lever gun's recent surge in popularity is based on some very desirable features.

Voices of Experience

We run into fellow firearm enthusiasts from time to time, and we can often learn from them.

Living With Them

Carrying your gun should be a natural and familiar thing to do.

That Old Familiar Feeling

When in comes to your defensive pistol, familiarity breeds competence, not contempt.

Plan For The Worst

It's okay, we tell ourselves, that sort of thing rarely happens.

Work With What You Have

Don't judge a book by it's cover...

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